Project 366 - 21st January 2012 - Isla

Saturday, 21 January 2012
Playing in a box with her teddies!


  1. Mummy Mishaps said...:

    kids LOVE cardboard boxes don't they? how much cheaper would our expenditure on toys be if we just used boxes we were given?! lovely pic x

  1. Esther and William love sitting in boxes. They can often be found sitting in their book box. A box filled with teddies might be more comfortable for them! Lovely photo x

  1. MsXpat said...:

    That looks like a cool place to hang out.

  1. Mari's World said...:

    Ha! Do you know what I saw first? The Jaffa Cake box! Lovely to meet you last Saturday and to bump into you virtually today :)

  1. oooh lovely! and the new look is fab! xx

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