Friday, 20 January 2012

Weaning with HiPP Organic

HiPP Organic recently sent Noah some of their lovely organic baby food to try which got his weaning off to a great start! I used HiPP a lot when I weaned Isla. She loved most of it - I'd say Spaghetti Carbonara was her favourite HiPP recipe back in the early days.

Noah has really taken to food, I kind of knew he would as he's a big lad and milk really wasn't cutting it for him anymore. He was beginning to watch us so closely while we were eating, even moving his mouth mimicking us. He'd grab for food if I was snacking on something while I was holding him.

The HiPP range is so varied and best of all it's organic so you know its full of goodness. I started Noah off on the baby cereals that you mix with formula and he wolfed those down, as he did with the fruit pouches (winner of the gold award for Best Baby food Product in the Mother and Baby Awards) and then the jars. The only one that he really didn't take to was the tender potato and carrot, I don't blame him though, if you're given the choice between that and My First Sunday Dinner, I know which I'd choose!

I filmed him tucking in so you can see how much he is enjoying his food.....

Things I learnt from weaning with Isla is to not get too precious about mess. I used to get really stressed about food going everywhere. This time round I'm more relaxed about it. I realise now that food must be fun and there should be no negativity associated with it. I've noticed that quite often Noah likes to hold his own spoon so I have a few spoons on hand so he can have a play with it too (the more the better as he's going through that dropping everything on the floor phase!). Since being on maternity leave we always try to have meals altogether as a family and I think that is really important. With Isla we would give her meals at a different time to us and I think that really didn't help with all the fussiness we went through with her - I'm relieved to say that she is actually getting really good with food now and I do attribute that to our family mealtimes. Although the majority of Noah's food at the moment is being fed to him by me, I'm also giving him finger food so that he gets used to handling food himself.

All in all, weaning is going really well so far. Thank you to HiPP Organic for sending us their yummy food. It can be bought from all good supermarkets and recently in Sainsburys they've had a deal for 10 jars for £5. Bargain!

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