Monday, 20 February 2012

I ♥ Natureshop

I've blogged about Natureshop before here and when they asked me to pick something else from their gorgeous organic 'nature inspired' baby range, I had to go for this cosy Nature Baby winter sleeping cocoon. The blue and white stripes look so cool on Noah, and the other benefit is that he's not wearing another one of his sister's flowery or pink sleeping bags for a change!

The inner of this sleeping bag is 100% Merino Wool, which is an insulating fibre which absorbs body moisture and allows for maximum airflow. It means Noah will stay all cosy and warm but will not run the risk of overheating. This particular sleeping bag also features a seat belt slot, so baby can be transported without taking them out of the sleeping bag. There are also two zips running round the sleeping bag making it easier to do those night time nappy changes. It comes in a cute, matching drawstring bag.

And if you go over to Natureshop at the moment there is a massive 50% off loads of their baby items. Go on then, go......!

We were sent the Nature Baby Sleeping Cocoon free of charge.


  1. oooh sounds fab. i need to order a larger sized sleeping bag ( as i refer to them as) for Jenson so i will check it out x

  2. I luv the colour and it really looks cosy too :0)

  3. Gorgeous sleeping bag. I wish they did adult size!

  4. Isla is beautiful! She looks like she is enjoying that too.

  5. oooh sorry that comment went on the wrong post! I like Noah's cocoon too!