Silent Sunday

Sunday, 19 February 2012


  1. Serious artwork going on there. :)

  1. Liska said...:

    She seems very talented and really really concentrating xxx

    P.S. Have you guys been to Westfield Stratford? We went on Friday and really enjoyed it.


  1. Sarahmumof3 said...:

    sticky crafty fun :) x

  1. SAHMlovingit said...:

    Aw bless her, she's SO gorgeous Sharon. Look at the concentration! x

  1. MsXpat said...:

    Very creative and pretty.

  1. she loves doing sticking! I have to try really hard not to interfere in her creativity....

  1. Liska said...:

    Only just noticed your new look (header etc...) VERY nice x

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