Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ballet of sorts!

My perfect little ballerina (no nose picking that day!)

This week I was looking forward to Isla's ballet lesson, all the parents were finally allowed to see our children in their full ballet glory! I've been taking her for 5 weeks and she's told me that she really likes it, so I had high hopes....

We got into town and while walking through all the shoppers to get to the lesson she started singing 'Who Let the Dogs Out' at the top of her voice. I thought this was hilarious and obviously this egged her on to sing it some more. I must add that this isn't a song we sing a lot but when she was a baby, the first sounds she made were of the 'Oooh Oooh Oooh' variety which led me on to singing this to her and she used to giggle uncontrollably. So it's stuck.

We got to the lesson and I sat with one of the other mums who was also really looking forward to seeing her little girl perform. Now I'm not really sure what i was expecting, obviously not Swan Lake or the Nutcracker but what I got wasn't really what I had in mind!

The teacher started the lesson and Isla started off well, stayed in line, pointed her toe a bit and did some 'bend and stretch' but then it all went a bit wrong and my face changed from being enthralled with her brilliance to one that couldn't really believe what I was seeing, she soon started to walk around pulling her dress over her head and then spent a lot of time picking her nose!!! All the other girls were copying the teacher but I was watching a completely different performance! I was terrible! Trying to catch her eye, telling her not to pick her nose (trying to do this quietly so other mums couldn't see!), telling her to pull her dress down etc etc. Part of me wanted to laugh out loud but the other part of me so wanted her to be a natural, the best one there. Ridiculous isn't it? I was saying to the mum next to me "I don't know why she is doing this", trying to make it obvious that she doesn't do this all the time. She couldn't care less she was too busy filming her own little angel!

I don't want to be a pushy mum in any way shape or form, I just want her to have interests that she enjoys, however I couldn't see any evidence of her enjoying it as she was really just doing her own thing. It could be said that she's too young to take classes like this seriously but there were girls of her age and a bit younger and they were all doing it. Putting all the flashing and nose picking aside though I do love her free spirited nature, she loves singing and dancing and doing things in her own unique way. All I can say is that she certainly was unique that afternoon......................


  1. I had a similar nose picking experience with Sydney's gymnastics!! v embarassing! She also does the skirt thing in ballet.

  2. Oh bless her! I couldn't help laughing but its so sweet. There is hope though... My son is 3 years old and in December at his pre-school Christmas concert he cried and didn't sing a word, but yesterday at his Easter concert, he sang his little heart out and did all the song actions! So in 3 months Isla may be the star of her ballet class! x