Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ella's Kitchen & Terracycle

Last year I blogged about Johnson's Baby Wipes teaming up with Terracyle to upcycle their packaging and Wipe Out Waste. As soon as I found out about it I started doing it immediately as I like to try and do my bit for the environment. I noticed at the time that Ella's Kitchen also recycled their packaging with Terracycle but as I didn't have a baby at that point it wasn't relevant to me. However now we've begun weaning Noah we've started collecting the Ella's Kitchen pouches to send to Terracycle. Apart from reusing the packaging (to make into bibs, pencil cases for example), for every packet you send to Terracyle they will donate 2p to a charity of your choice. 

It really is so easy to do:

- Go to  and register with Terracycle
- Sign up to the Ella's Kitchen Brigade
- Enter the charity you would like Terracycle to credit
- You will get sent a pre-paid postage label to use to send off your empty packs of Baby Food Pouches.

It's also worth noting that they will accept any baby food pouches, not just Ella's Kitchen. I was lucky enough to be sent one of these great lunch tote bags when I signed up to be an Ella's Kitchen Friend 

Lovely isn't it! This is such a great initiative, so don't waste your waste, send it to Terracycle!

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