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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I'm loving Instagram at the moment with all the different filters. Obviously I have used a filter on this photo but the reason I took it was that as I was sitting there, it struck me how colourful Noah looked and also all his surroundings too! I love dressing him in bright colours. This was at Baby Sensory, a class that we only started about 8 weeks ago and sadly we'll only have another 2 weeks left as I'm back to work soon. Noah absolutely loves it and so do I. It's special time that we share together and every week has a theme. My favourite so far has to be the Valentine week. We danced together with a disco ball spinning in the background. It's actually making my cry thinking of this. I know I could do this on my own in my own living room but I love that Baby Sensory gives me ideas of things to do with Noah and it has such lovely songs. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and at the end of it all the babies are usually ready for a big lunchtime nap because they've had such fun! So that's my entry in The Gallery this week. If you want to enjoy any of the other posts then click the badge below.


  1. Laura CYMFT said...:

    Lots of vibrant colours! I hated going back to work for the very reason that I wouldn't be able to take the kids to the various groups and classes we went to!

  1. saveeverystep said...:

    Cutey. Is it the filter or does he have amazing red hair?

  1. hahahaha, I didn't notice the effect the filter had on his hair! no, not a redhead, but he'd clearly suit it! ;-)

  1. Mari's World said...:

    Gorgeous bright colours I must try to use filters too

  1. i LOVE filters! have to remind myself though not to use them all the time! Life doesn't always look technicolour!

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