Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Isla, my fashion conscious toddler

In the past couple of months Isla has become very assertive when it comes to what she wants to wear. I say fashion conscious, but that's not really it as what she decides to wear isn't really Spring/ Summer 2012 or anything, it's just that she knows what she likes and what she doesn't like!

Initially it was all rooted in wearing everything with Peppa Pig on it. I found that she was wearing clothes with cartoon characters on all the time and it drove me a little crazy. Grandparents would buy her Peppa clothing and she loved it! I do love all that kind of thing but I also wanted her to wear other non branded clothing. So, the purchases of Peppa clothing slowed down a bit until I made a trip to Asda with Isla before Christmas. We were taking a look at the clothes when she spotted a pink stripey Peppa Pig dress. Now, I really didn't like it but I got the impression that things were going to be a bit tricky in the supermarket if I didn't get her that dress and when they're priced so cheaply it was no sweat to buy it for her.  Here is the offending item....

This dress has now become her favourite item of clothing and she teams it up with some (non-matching) pink leggings and stripey socks. She LOVES it. The only way we can get away with her not wearing it is to say it's in the wash!
Having said that she likes all things Peppa, she will not wear this particular Peppa top that I bought for her from Tesco.

I really liked it as it wasn't the typical pink, girly style, it's purple and blue and in my eyes a bit more funky. Can I get her to wear it? NO. I even give her a choice now in the mornings and every now and then I get this top out along with another more plain one and she always says "I'll wear that one later" to the Peppa Pig top! When she says she'll do anything later it basically means NEVER.
Then at Christmas time Isla got an outfit bought for her by her great aunt, some jeans and a top. The top was navy blue with a pink pattern on. One morning I got the outfit from the draw and went to put it on her. I got the jeans on but when I went to put the top over her head, she flatly refused to wear it. I tried again a few days later and again she really wouldn't wear it. Luckily I hadn't taken the tags off and I decided that there was no point in forcing her to wear something she didn't like and I took it back to the shop for something else.

To me this all seems a bit early for her to have such opinions on what she wears. A couple of weeks ago she had her first ballet lesson and afterwards I promised her i would get her a net ballet style skirt. I'd already seen one in Next and so we headed there. She proceeded to lead me all round the store pointing out what she liked and refusing a lot of what I was pointing out! We also came away with the headband she is wearing in the pictures above.

I love it and I'm finding her new found girliness and desire for dresses really sweet as up until now I've not really dressed her like that. She's been more like a mini me - wearing jeans and tops and nearly always trainers. I'm looking forward to summer and her wearing all sorts of pretty stuff!

Is your toddler as assertive about what they want to wear? Does it differ between boys and girls? Do you tend to dress your little one like a mini you? I'd love to know your thoughts.


  1. Aw bless her. Everything is Minnie Mouse here! MC is just starting to get picky over what she wears. I can't get her to wear jeans anymore. Even today I had a skirt and top picked out and she wasn't too keen on putting them on. She said "I want to wear a dress" x

  2. yep, Jeans are off the menu here too Heather, even these really cool vibrant lilac ones from Next. It's all dresses and tights!

  3. She sounds wonderful. Gorgeous sweetheart.

  4. Bless!! Yes, we are starting to have loggerhead situations over clothes. The favourite is a red tutu, according to my daughter it is suitable for trips to the farm, parties, nursery, shopping, gardening... you name it, she thinks it's the only thing that'll do!!

  5. hahhaha! that's Isla too, only it's a pink tutu that she wanted to wear with her welly boots this afternoon to ballet!

  6. We it is cute. I can see why any little girl would love it :0) Luv her style.

  7. Charles can be the same. Most of the time he wants a dinosaur top on (any top with a dinosaur on it rather than a particular top) and pj bottoms.

  8. Very cute! I think it's totally normal. My 4 year old cousin has refused to wear anything but Peppa Pig related clothing since the age of 2. And apparently when I myself was a toddler, I wouldn't accept being dressed in trousers. The only trousers I would happily wear were a pair of pink cord dungarees. There's an old family story about the one time my mum managed to get a pair of jeans on me. Apparently I was fidgeting at the table and then burst into tears, crying, "But how will they know I'm a girl!". So yes, totally normal. And very cute.

  9. Molly went through a stage of being obsessed with cardigans, then it moved to dresses and now age six she is a fan of the jeans and boots look which is a plus as she grows so quickly that her jeans often need to be hidden under boots to conceal the gap between the ens of the jean and the start of her foot.

  10. I can totally sympathise, lil miss is exactly the same, even down to what knickers she wears! I do think it's worse with girls, although lil man can be quite particular too. Isla is such a cutie though, bet it's hard to tell her no!

    Lil miss is only two so I am resigned to it being like this forever!! Having said that she will wear dresses now, as long as they're teamed with leggings (she hates tights). I have loads of dresses she's barely worn because I couldn't get them on her!

  11. My eldest never bothered really and just wore whatever I asked her to. My second daughter is a proper headstrong fashionista. She insists on dressing herself and choosing her own clothes, which she has done since she was about two, maybe even younger. She has a thing for bright colours and patterns, so will wear purple spotted leggings, with a pink flower dress and a yellow stripey top. Some days it's hideous, but if you can't get away with it when you are four, when can you? I predict many battles ahead. Love the pics, she looks well pleased with her new Peppa Pig dress. I visited from blow your own blog horn. :)