A Tribute to Big Sheepy

Monday, 26 March 2012

This week an awful thing happened, Isla's companion since she was 9 months old got lost. Big Sheepy has been a part of our lives (read that as the BAIN of our lives!) since we bought him for her at Bocketts Farm. It became obvious by the time she was 1 that this sheep was her favourite soft toy and at that point I thought I've got to try and get another one of these, just in case. Well, it's not that easy and my attempt to get a second Sheepy failed. So we were careful. On one occasion I thought we'd left him in a shop in town. After running round all the shops we'd been too that morning, I thought we'd lost him, but then on returning to the supermarket carpark, there he was still in the trolley. I breathed a sigh of relief and vowed to be more careful! Well somehow the unthinkable has happened and he's vanished. It's useless asking Isla where he might be as she just says 'In the car?' or 'In the garden?'. She doesn't know. Weirdly I think I've actually been more upset than her and that's because a few months back she got given another sheep and this one got named 'Baby Sheepy' - original these names aren't they!! So here is my tribute to Big Sheepy, towards the end, he only had one eye and his neck was void of stuffing, he wasn't the fluffy white sheep he once was but Isla loved him!


  1. RIP Big Sheepy! I don't know what we'd do if we mislaid the "magic blanket". Primark have stopped stocking it. I think sleep would desert the house and tantrums would be never-ending.

  1. Lauren said...:

    Oh no poor Big Sheepy. The photos are so sweet x

  1. Circus Queen said...:

    We recently lost Talitha's Sophie (the girrafe). I know every baby these days has one but am so upset that we've list it as she so loved it. I may just have to buy another one for the sake of sentimentality even if she's no longer interested. Bless that sheep.

  1. The Daily Mum said...:

    A replacement just isn't the same, is it?
    I get as upset as the kids when they lose their favourite toy. Duckie's been lost and found several times - what a rollercoaster ride of emotions we went through!

  1. oh dear, I thought I was over the loss of Big Sheepy then i read all your lovely comments, I so wish we had him to keep forever!

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