Monday, 9 April 2012

Life Gets Complicated

Tomorrow I go back to work.

My days are going to be very different to how they have been the last 9 months, they are going to get very complicated. Right now they are like this:

Get up anytime between 5.30 and 6.30. Stick Cbeebies on the TV. Milk for kids, tea for me. Administer liquid refreshments, appear to enjoy Postman Pat. Make breakfast, requests taken for chocolate but dismissed and the usual porridge given. Clear up breakfast. Noah likes to chuck it around a fair bit. Take Noah up for a nap, dash in the shower after asking Isla to be a good girl and just SIT and watch TV for a bit. During the shower get called to come with tissue to wipe her bottom, she's done a poo "OK darling, well can you just stay put till I get downstairs, I'm washing my hair". Hurriedly finish shower, rush downstairs to make sure she's not decorated the furniture in poo, she has stayed put, she is great at listening to me I decide.

Usually we're out in the morning, to friends, or playgroup or one of our mums is over. Lunch starts around 11.30, followed by another nap (unfortunately only Noah!). Watch a film as a bit of quiet time for Isla. OH comes home from work and then we generally spend the whole afternoon together as a family, dinner at 5ish followed by bath and bedtime routine.

It's also possible to do some chores (well not many, but some). Life like this is fun but it is also very tiring so now I anticipate feeling even tireder when I throw work into the mix. Especially with a night feed thrown in and the occasional visit to Isla's bedroom for some reason or other.

My week will now look like this:

ME: work in London from 8.45am to 3.15pm. My commute is 1 hour 15 mins.
Children looked after by my mum at our house until OH gets home from work around 2pm and I'll get home around 4.45pm

As above but MIL doing the childcare
We then have to get Isla over to my parents (30 mins drive) to stay the night so she can be looked after by my mum who will also be looking after my niece
ME: work from home 8.30am - 12.30pm
I take Noah to nursery before work
Isla is with my mum
We then have to fetch Isla or she gets returned and then we take Noah to stay the night at MIL's

ME: work 9.30-5.30 at the office
Isla at nursery full day
Noah is with MIL

As above except I have to get both of them to nursery before work.

It's worth saying at this point that I'm on my own in the mornings, the OH leaves for work at 5.30am. So my main panic is how the f*ck am I going to get ready in the mornings - especially on Friday's when I have to get all 3 of us ready and at the nursery for 8am and then me on a train by 0809!? I'd laugh if it wasn't happening to me. At this moment I'm typing this and feeling a big knot building itself up in my chest and my head hurts.

So tomorrow I'll have some idea on how this all works and I'll see if I've got what it takes to be a mum of 2 and work 30 hours a week - laughable that this is called part time really - course it bloody isn't!


  1. ohh I hope it goes ok, I so wish I could stay at home - but will be back to school in September.

  2. Wow - I feel for you! It definitely sounds like it will be hard work, and I completely agree that this is not "part-time" even though your salary will reflect as such. Best of luck - you can do it!

  3. I am a part time thirty hour a weeker. It is tough but doable; I am more than confident you will Excel given time to get used to it. X

  4. Oh lovely, sounds very complicated, but you will do it! xx

  5. Just doing a blog catch-up post birth. How did your first week go? It sounds just tiring looking at it. I'm back to work next week, albeit just freelance from home. Hope it all went well hun xx