Thursday, 5 April 2012

National Trust is THE Best Place For Family Fun

I recently posted about the Cadbury Easter Egg Trails at National Trust. They're in full swing already and we went on one at the weekend. We went to Nymans House and Gardens and it's our brilliant day there that has made me want to share with you how a day out at a National Trust property is bloody brilliant for families. We have a family membership and it's been such good value. We always take a picnic (sometimes planned with all the trimmings, and other times just stuff cobbled together from the fridge and cupboard), we always try to remember a ball and for me I always have to have some method of capturing the day be it my iPhone or camera.

We went to Nymans on Sunday and we had fantastic weather, a lovely picnic, a good stroll around the grounds (thanks to being on the Egg trail!) and on the way home a super sleep out of the baby! Here are a few of our snaps:

There are so many properties up and down the country. I tend to use the National Trust app on my iPhone to see how close we are to places. When we go on our long weekend to Yorkshire in July I think we will also stop by an NT place as a rest stop, which will mean we'll get to see places that are beyond our own area too!

This is not a sponsored post, it's just me saying what a great organisation The National Trust is and what a great investment an annual membership is.


  1. We always find a NT place to stop on our way travelling places - you know you'll always find a nice loo and a decent cup of tea!

  2. Looks like it as an amazing day out. I totally agree with you National Trust is brilliant annually I tend to visit different manor houses, ore baby hubby and I event rented cottages from them, once in Oxfordshire Cotswold and another time in Wiltshire. They do much, there are amazing!

  3. We love Dunham Massey which isn't that far (35 mins) from us. Loved these pics, saw them on instagram the other day :) xx