New Shoes!

Thursday, 19 April 2012
I love the stage when you buy the baby their first pair of shoes! Noah got his first pair at the weekend and I love them! He is a 4.5 G, which seems enormous to me for a 9 month old. We got them from Clarks as we did with Isla when she got her first pair. The only difference being that for her they did this really sweet thing of taking a polaroid of her in her new shoes and putting it in a little card frame to mark the occasion. They didn't seem to do it this time round which is a shame but I took this picture as soon as we left the shop and they look so cute on his feet!


  1. Lauren said...:

    Awwww! Those are very cool shoes!
    We're getting some for Harry soon. I want him to have shoes for a wedding we are going to which is on May 6th and I'm putting it off until then because I'm worried that between now and then he'll have a growth spurt and the shoes won't fit anymore. X

  1. They are very sweet! He has bigger feet than H xx

  1. Debra said...:

    Oh what cute shoes they are! My daughter is size 5.5 at 16 months old and I thought her feet were big!x

    PS I've just done a post about my daughters new shoes...

  1. Molly said...:

    Blimey he's got an impressive pair of feet! F's still only a 3.5F and she's 13 months older than him! Gorgeous shoes. x

  1. Emma said...:

    Sooo cute!! Clarks is a must isn't it when it comes to first shoes!! :))

  1. yup! Definitely a must, brings back memories of when I was little with the machine that used to measure your feet!

  1. how did noah get to being 9 months?

    lovely shoes x

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