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Wednesday, 27 June 2012
The theme of The Gallery this week is 'Hands' and I could only really go with this photo as I LOVE it so much. It's obvious, i know, I haven't tried to think outside the box, it is just two hands, but to me they aren't any old hands they are the hands of two people that I love very much. My Dad and my Son. Grandfather and Grandson. With Dad going through his second lot of chemotherapy in 3 years at the moment and Noah nearly one years old, these two hands represent everything that is most important to me - family. There is one aged hand, that has all the experience that comes with being 60 years old and there is the youthful hand that has all the expectation of what life has to offer and hopefully soaking up some of the life experience that his Grandfather has notched up......

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  1. Jenny Paulin said...:

    Such a beautiful photo showing hands across the generations xx

  1. notmyyearoff said...:

    Thats really lovely, very tender touch!

  1. Emily Bubbles said...:

    That is a really special photo and I hope your dad is doing well x

  1. Sarah said...:

    Brought a little tear to my eye x wishing your Dad good health and happiness x

  1. Sinead said...:

    Beautiful photo and a lovely post, made me emotional reading it. x

  1. thanks everyone. this is such a special photo and i love it as it just happened right in front of me at the dinner table and I hurried to get the shot with my phone as it felt like one of those moments!

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