Friday, 22 June 2012

I ♥ Isla's Nightie!

Recently Isla decided that she didn't like wearing pyjama bottoms to bed. We'd have a regular bedtime ruckus about keeping the trousers on - that is was too cold, especially when the covers fall off her every night. We ended up putting her to bed, waiting till she fell asleep and then putting them on her. Complete waste of time because during the night she'd realise and then take them off again! It struck me after a few weeks that what this girl needed was a nightie! She is quite a girly girl, so I figured that she was going off wearing trousers and I was right. I got her this nightie and she loved it!

Morning milk time with her bro!

It's from H&M and really inexpensive. I love it, she loves it, so we're all happy and since that purchase she now has another 3 nighties. Lord knows what we're going to do with all the pyjama sets we now have.....

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