Silent Sunday

Sunday, 17 June 2012
Silent Sunday


  1. A trip down memory lane? :)

  1. Romanianmum said...:

    Good picture of the screen!

  1. multiplemummy said...:

    Now why have I heard of whirl y gig before?

  1. Sarahmumof3 said...:

    hum not sure what this is....

  1. Coombe Mill said...:

    Is this to do with the You Tube celebrating going to TV format and making money? Love the new blog header!

  1. helloitsgemma said...:

    you've been obsessed this week haven't you?
    you and super amazing really need to get out an dance again (please count me in)

  1. It's a song that used to be played at whirl y gig every time I went around the age of 18. It gets inside your body and makes you really 'feel'. The title of the song however is very apt description of how my week has gone. Lots of tears.

  1. Oh honey I know you have had a rough week, stay smiling x

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