Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Ultimate 90's Flashback - The Clubbing Years

So many many years ago I was a clubber. Long long time ago before husbands, children, mortgages, grey hair and my boobs going south. I loved it. I loved the whole ritual of buying the outfits, spending hours getting ready (so much glitter/ feather boas/ sequinned boob tubes), making the plans, taking the journey to the club and then actually being there. Sometimes it would go to plan and it would be the best night of my life (AGAIN) and other times like the time when I turned up to Club UK for a night and it seemed to be cancelled - but only us and 5 others didn't know this! Also the night at Peach when someone got the tear gas out - that was a good one, one of my mates loved his asthma attack.....and then there was the one where I puked all over myself and the whole dancefloor at The Gardening Club....NICE. But on the whole they were amazing times! I travelled for my love of clubbing -north to Gatecrasher, south to The Zap, west to Escape - only place I didn't go was East - couldn't have been the hubub of clubbing over there.

I had a proper music ADDICTION. I was obsessed with Radio 1 and tape recording the Essential Mix every Saturday night from 2 - 4am (the day I got a stereo where I could set a timer for this was brilliant) - I didn't have to be awake for it - although I probably was awake just elsewhere! My only clubbing regret is that I only went to Ibiza twice and I only really count the first time as that was with a mass group of clubbers who all worshipped House music. I loved the nights, El Divino, Pacha, Cafe Del Mar....they were great and the days sleeping on the beach. It's a holiday I will never ever forget.

So where's this going? Claire at Bad Fiction has started a linky asking for our top 10 90's clubbing anthems. I've loved thinking about this and looking up tunes, but I also discovered that my brain seems a bit addled and my memory isn't as good as it are a few of mine but I could definitely tell you about another 100 that I loved and danced to in my teens/ early twenties. I loved piano house as you'll see but since I just did this small amount of reliving my youth I realised that The Prodigy's album Music for a Jilted Generation really is the nuts!

Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted

Raze - Break for Love (this breaks the rules as I think is more late 80's...but is a tune!)

The Prodigy - One Love

Yosh - It's What's Up Front that Counts

Everybody Wants to be Somebody

Alex Whitcombe and Big C - Ice Rain

Nalin And Cane - Beach Ball

Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar

De'Lacey - Hideaway

Gat Decor - Passion

I have loved doing this - thanks to Sophie for drawing my attention to this linky - a post I've loved writing!!


  1. Break for Love is an awesome tune!! I have my older cousin (by 4 years!) to thank for introducing me to all the late 80s stuff.

    I'd totally forgotten about the Gardening Club and guess what?! I was also at Peach the night of the tear gas!!!

  2. I LOVED Peach - I was a right Graham Gold fanatic!

  3. I've also been to Ibiza twice - but with the bloody kids. I used to drive past Pacha during the day and stare longingly at it!! We even went to watch the sunset one evening and the kids got bored *eyeroll*

    Excellent track choices - especially loving It's What's Up Front that Counts and Hideaway :-D

  4. I've been to the gardening club too! And ibiza obviously ha! Love it!

  5. LOL at kids getting bored at Sunset, Nickie! I don't think I could take the kids and not sit at Cafe Del Mar or Mambo and watch the sunset!

  6. Brilliant post, listening to this music gives me a sense of reminising and smiles and also a sense of oh no did I really wear, say or do that!

    Good time all the same ;-)