Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Few of My Girl's Isla-isms!

I've been playing close attention lately to some of the things Isla says as some of things are too funny to forget. I did this a while back here and haven't since so thought I'd get a few down so I can look back on them and have a chuckle and smile at how cute she can be.
The funniest thing she came out with in the last week is this one:
Me: I love you Isla (said after many cute moments over the 'Isla and Noah Birthday Weekend')
Isla: I love Daddy, I love Noah and (big pause).......I LOVE MYSELF! - the last bit being said at the top of her voice!

Notice no mention of me there. However I love that she loves herself, I mean that's important right?

With my help she also discovered Jammie Dodger biscuits this week and on telling her what they were called once, she went on to call them Dodgy Jammers, not sure the biscuit company would sell many if that was their name!

Some of the stuff she says is exact copies of things I say to her, so I frequently get told "stop guzzling your drink mummy and eat your dinner....." or "make sure you go to the toilet before we go out mummy or you'll wet your knickers...." - Both things I feel sure don't apply to me but I go along with it anyway.

Then my final one had me and the OH in stitches. Isla has taken to walking around with a notebook and pen a lot lately and quite often asks our names and pretends to write them down. We get interrogated by her as follows:

"Wass yer name?" "OOOoo are you?" "Ow old are you?"

On this occasion she was actually pointing a giant cardboard tube at us and demanding "oooo are you?" I decided that now was the time to start teaching her she need to pronounce her 'H's' - so every time she said "Oooo" I said say "Who" and so this went on with her saying "Oooo" getting louder and louder and me saying it's "who" not "oooo" until she said " I can't say 'who'!" Saying it absolutely perfectly! Of course she then went back to saying "Oooo" and we could not stop laughing and she got all indignant - "STOP LAUGHING AT ME!" which of course had us laughing even more!
I love my funny little girl such a lot - she never stops talking to be honest so I think I'll have plenty of material to keep me smiling for a long time!

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