Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Galt Early Activities Books

We love Galt here! We recently reviewed Ants in Your Pants - a brilliant game that Isla loves playing. At the same time we also got some great pre-school early activities books. We have only just started looking at these as I felt that she was ready for them as she has a bigger attention span and she also seems to like doing 'homework' - we'll see if she's still saying this age 13.....

We have three of them, 'Counting', 'Alphabet' and 'Colour, Shapes and Sizes'. We've started on the 'colours, shapes and sizes' one and I've been so pleased with how good she is at it and how in to it she gets. It has tasks where you do matching, others where you spot differences. There are stickers (I don't know any child that doesn't like stickers!) to find and stick in the correct place and other bits where they can colour in freestyle or where they have to copy exactly as it is in the book. We work on it together and she totally dictates when she's had enough, I'm not going to make her sit for an hour ultimately not enjoying it - I want her to enjoy learning and these books do make it FUN!

The books are so clear and on the inside covers they have great guidance for parents on how to use them. As well as being a learning tool, creativity is also encouraged, make sure you've got a box of crayons or the dreaded felt tips so that they can colour in where required. I've found that these books help to give Isla and I some one to one time that Noah isn't involved in, she loves that as we can talk uninterrupted.

At £2.99 each I think Galt Activity books are really good value as there are a couple of hours activities in them - not just the activities but the talking that they can also instigate - and boy Isla can talk! Check them out for your pre-schooler!

We were sent 3 Galt Early Activites books to try out free of charge

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