Tuesday, 21 August 2012

London 2012 - Do You Feel Inspired?

I've really felt the lack of Olympics on the TV. It's awful actually – the return of Eastenders and a load of other dreary shite. I’m sorry but it is. It’s meant to be entertainment. Anyway I digress. Before the Olympics started, right back when the tickets were released I was very cynical about the whole thing, all the things that were publicised about being irritating about it I did indeed find irritating, you could only purchase tickets with a Visa credit card, you had to put yourself down for untold number of events or you didn’t have a chance of getting a ticket, London would be unbearable with all the visitors, the cost escalating etc etc. As it happened I registered and then just couldn’t be bothered to buy any. Boy do I regret that decision now!

I can pinpoint exactly when my interest in the Olympics started and it was literally the day before the opening ceremony. I’d seen almost everyone I knew on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram capturing photos of the Olympic Torch. Up until that day I could not see the point. Why bother turning up to see a flame?? What’s the excitement in that? But then on a Friday afternoon I found myself tracking the torch online – watching a little dot travel around a map of London and I realised that I WANTED TO SEE IT! It was coming nearby to work and I set off with my laptop on my back, handbag and a bag of groceries. I got to Shaftsbury Avenue and……IT HAD JUST PASSED!!! I was a bit disappointed and made to walk to the train station and then I changed my mind and decided that I REALLY WANTED TO SEE IT. So I made like a hare and chased down Charing Cross Road and made it to Trafalgar Square where I saw……THE TIP OF THE FLAME. Not the torch, just the very hint of fire amongst a huge crowd, and this was with me standing on tip toes. Trafalgar Square was as you can imagine, very crowded. I tried to convince myself that this was enough, but realised it still wasn’t so I continued to be a torch stalker and ran down Whitehall where I eventually caught up with it just outside Downing Street. I was so happy and I couldn’t really explain why. My legs were like jelly (probably from carrying 2 stones in luggage) and my grin was from ear to ear, I looked like a proper lunatic. And from the moment that I captured my torch photo I really couldn’t wait for the games to start.

I paid homage to Box Hill and took photos of the road!
The opening ceremony was AMAZEBALLS and the first sport I watched was the men’s cycling road race where I was so disappointed for Mark Cavendish (I've got a bit of a crush on him...) and our team, I loved watching it though as it went all through the Surrey Hills which is close to where my parents live The pace picked up a few days on and we started winning medals and every evening there were just new and amazing things to watch. People who train and work so hard to accomplish their dreams were on our screens. Day after day I saw and heard of people going to the Olympic venues and having such fun and I really wished that I’d realised what a big deal this was for London way back when everyone else did! The venues looked so brilliantly crafted on our screens, the British weather held out most of the time and the vibe of our country was unbeatable, it felt like everyone was behind Team GB.

I have to say that when the kids were around it was pretty hard for myself or the OH to watch very much of it as Isla kept saying ‘it’s boring’ – she’s only 3 and she’s already saying that! However she did like the ‘nastics’ and we have that saved on the Sky planner so she can watch Beth Tweddle and do her own version of it – very funny as well I might add. I love that she found one sport that she connected with even at her very young age and I think that goes to show how far a reach the London 2012 games had and how perhaps it will inspire younger generations. The over-riding message I gathered from these Games is that hard work and dedication will help you to realise your dreams.
Now the Games are over but we now have the Para Olympics to look forward to and I’m very excited to be able to say that I’m going. I can’t wait to soak up some of the Olympic atmosphere and check out the venues that I saw on TV for 2 weeks. My hope is that this feel good feeling we have in Great Britain right now is for the longhaul and we don’t slip back to the doom and gloom, only we have the power to harness the positivity and make it last.

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