Friday, 14 September 2012

Me Time - Part 1 - The Paraolympics!

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to go to the Paraolympic games with my sister, it was so lovely! I spent the whole day with her, us alone, able to talk and laugh and experience something that we'll never experience again in London. The kids were absent for the day, looked after by their grandmother and it was like old times.

Since watching the Olympic Games on TV I wanted to go to the Olympic Park and be 'part of it'. I'd seen nearly every person I knew post pictures on Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter of the iconic buildings in the Olympic Park and I wanted to do the same!! I also wanted to see some sport and be inspired by people who work so hard to be at their top of their discipline.

We had the best time, we did indeed take our photos in front of all the venues that we'd seen everyone else do!

We ate in the World's largest McDonald's. We quaffed a lovely glass of champers (thanks to the bar lady for the nice large champagne samples she gave us to help us decide which one we wanted!).

We saw some wheelchair tennis.

We lazed on the grass watching the action on the big screens.

We also realised that we hadn't done our fashion homework before coming to the Games, but took photos of those who had....

We spent a few bob in the shop on some nice new t-shirts.

We gossiped and laughed and had such fun. It was nice getting back to my roots, spending time with someone who I obviously spent a lot of time with when I was growing up and with whom nowadays I have scattered conversations, constantly interrupted by chattering, fun loving children. As much as we love family time, we loved reconnecting. Love you sis. x


  1. LOL you clearly had a lovey time. Lovely pics! They really capture your experience. By the way, your new cut looks fab :0)

  2. Looks fab. They serve champagne in McDonald's?

  3. wish they did Jane, would have been a fraction of the price!! ;)