Monday, 17 September 2012

Me Time - Part 2 - Girls Mini Break!

Last weekend I had another bit of me time! I know, lucky me. Back in May, I had a brain wave to invite 3 of my good girlfriends away for a weekend break to the South of France. Our family have a little house there, so all we’d have to pay for was flight and car rental. Sweet. I asked the OH if he minded dealing with the kids for the weekend while I lounged by the pool, drank copious amounts of wine, ate cheese by the truckload, doubled my reading intake for this year and slept uninterrupted and he said that was fine. I *may* have said that he can have a similar weekend to this next spring.....hopefully his memory is short....
All in all it was a fabulous weekend. We did all the things mentioned above. Perhaps the amount of booze could have been reduced slightly (perhaps resisting the rum at the end of the evening) in order for us to actually come back from the weekend feeling rested but I guess it’s what you can expect when you let 4 mums (all with 2 kids each) loose. We chatted, read books, soaked up the sun, cooked, drank and RELAXED. It was just nice to do things at our own pace and without interruption. I wouldn’t change my life for the world and being away from my little family for 3 days did make me appreciate them so much on my return. However there’s nothing like taking time for yourself to for recharge your batteries. Happy days, and here’s hoping they’ll be some more me time soon! Thanks girls for a great time xx


  1. Looks and sounds utterly brilliant. We had a bit of a similar weekend recently (although not to the South of France - you lucky lady!) and it really does help to make you step back and realise the important things. I'm going to make a point of trying to do something like this twice a year from now on.

  2. totally agree with you Molly, my next bit of me time I'm hoping will be spent with my OH while the kids have fun at grandparents. Planning in the pipeline! We all need some of our own time. x

  3. What a fab time!!!! Reminds me that me and my girlies are long overdue now!!!!! Last mini break was 2011 and we need to start planning for 2013!!!!!

    it should be the law ;-)

  4. totally agree SAM! Once a year a girls break must be done! x