Sunday, 23 September 2012

Noah's Cow and Gate Filming Adventure!

A few weeks ago I saw on a blogging forum I'm part of (Tots100) a call for mums with babies under two to send in a little video of baby to see if they would fit the bill for a new Cow and Gate advert. I had a really cool little video of Noah and also knew that I would be able to make it to filming should Noah get picked as I had some time off work. The video I sent was this one as I LOVE it so much.

We then got an email to say that they would love to see Noah at a casting. I was a bit excited about this. We were also told that we needed to urgently start the process for getting Noah a work permit from our local council just in case he got through to the filming for the Ad. Excellent, getting him out working at 13 months! It's quite a faff, requiring a bit of form filling, a letter from the GP and an hilarious trip to a photo booth where he mostly didn't look at the camera and half my head featured in most shots!

So we took a little trip to Soho together. Shame we didn't have anything else organised really though as the casting took about 5 minutes. We went into a room with another mum and her twin girls and they were all placed in front of some instruments. Noah had big drums. My thoughts were that the drums weren't really age appropriate or at all inviting (this should have served as a clue for what was to come though). However once he got the drum stick in his hand he gave it a bash. The twin girls were busy bashing out a funeral march on the keyboard and then that was that. The people behind the camera declared they'd done enough and we said our goodbyes.

On getting home I told my OH what had happened and said I didn't think we'd have much of a hope of doing the filming as I didn't think bashing the drum twice meant he'd make TV Gold but we'd get all the paperwork sorted just in case. Then the day after we found out that Noah had actually been picked to go to the filming! Again I didn't want to get too excited because he could have got ill and not been able to go. We got confirmation that his work permit was approved and also got told about payment for his endeavours. Pretty reasonable for a days work is all I'm going to say. He would get a payment for the days filming and if he made the final ad he would get another one off payment. I just thought how brilliant would this be for his little bank account to get a good wedge from doing so little - just being cute really.

On the day of filming we set off to Islington to Angel Studios and met up with the crew who were shooting the ad. Just before we arrived there he'd conked out in the buggy, which was a blessing as they weren't ready for us and also I felt he would be on top form after a sleep. Except i was a bit wrong. He woke up and was a bit grumpy. Then was even more grumpy when he had to take off his favourite Thomas the Tank Engine t-shirt and the wardrobe lady gave him a jumper to wear (it was a lovely jumper but too warm if I'm honest). After a bit of waiting around we went with some other mums and babies over to the recording studio where we were faced with every instrument you can imagine; drums, banjo, keyboards, violin, electric guitar etc. So that explained what the casting was all about with the drum! And then we were told to let them loose. So I let him loose and he cried. Oh dear. There were a variety of reactions, mostly the children were investigating all the instruments and having a go at playing them but there were some who were less happy and Noah fell into that category. As soon as he started crying I got to him and gave him cuddles. Then once he'd calmed down and I'd talked to him and pointed out the instruments I popped him back amongst them, but mostly he didn't want to be left by me. It's a shame but to me not the end of the world. I can imagine some mums feeling slightly fed up that their child wasn't performing but that's not how I felt. I only want to do these kinds of things with the kids if they want to and if it is fun for them. We went for a break and Noah seemed bemused by our 'strange' day out.

We went back again to the recording studio and he was clingy again and not too interested in the instruments, but there were plenty of kids there that were - they were banging the drums, standing on the banjo (literally), bashing the keyboard. Noah took a slight interest in some percussion instruments and had a good look at the full size drum kit but again he would have preferred to explore them with me in tow and I don't think they're looking for mums to appear in the ad!! Once the crew had all the shots they needed we were given permission to leave and so we walked out of the studios into the sunshine and made our way home.

All in all, we had an experience together that day and I'm rather enjoying our adventures as a twosome. We left the filming and Noah promptly fell asleep on the number 38 bus and slept all the way home. Trying out at being a child star is clearly very tiring!


  1. Well done to little Noah and Good luck.
    We was there on Tuesday at 9:30, I rember seeing a little boy that was asleep was that your little one :-)

  2. We got there about 10 and he was snoozing probably was him!