Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Noah's favourite 1st birthday present - Vtech Toot Toot Garage

When I was thinking about what to get for Noah for his 1st birthday present I knew that one of the things I wanted to get him was a garage. I know, I know, it’s very stereotypically boyish but we’d lived with 3 years of girls toys and I wanted to get stuck in with the boys toys! I looked around the net for reviews and the Vtech Toot Toot Driver Garage seemed to come up trumps time and time again , so we bought it for him and I’m pleased to add to the glowing reviews as it has been a big hit in our house.
Firstly it is one big rainbow fest – all bright primary colours – it can’t be missed that’s for sure – helpful when you’re stepping through a whole days worth of toys strewn across your living room floor – you’re never going to miss seeing it! So it’s colourful – that covers of 1 of the 3 essential things a toy needs in our house.

(We added Postman Pat's Helicopter!)

It’s noisy, so that ticks the second box – the garage itself has sounds  - these occur when the cars travel over various touch points – when they go through the car wash, there are washing sounds, when they go to the petrol station there are relevant sounds and there are also buttons to push that can tell you the weather or colours. Then you can also add another layer of noise when you play with the truck that comes with the garage as it has its own on/ off switch and little songs play. One Tow truck is supplied with the garage, but you can add to the set and buy further cars to use with it. We bought a set of 3 extra vehicles, meaning in theory when Noah and Isla are playing nicely and sharing they would have 2 each (this is in an ideal world!).
And the 3rd box is ticked with the garage and the cars having flashing lights! No modern toy would be complete without them.
The garage itself is sturdy and withstands some pretty boisterous playtime. It doesn’t just appeal to boys, Isla can be found wrestling cars off Noah to zoom them down the spiral ramp. They like the lift feature – no garage is complete unless it has a lift to the 1st floor I reckon. I love watching Noah play with this garage, he gets right down to carpet level and puts the cars through the car wash and then goes round the other side and puts them through again. It seems like a toy that will take a long time for him to tire of. He also makes car noises when he uses it!

It also looks like the garage has been made with the potential to add more road track to it as the edges are left like puzzle pieces, so I do hope that Vtech are considering bringing out more to add to the Toot Toot range. We definitely give this the thumbs up, it has made a brilliant first birthday present.


  1. Angelo has one of these, he's found of it. Although he's managed to separate the orange ramp from the rest of the garage, I'e given up re-attaching, lol. I now leave him to play with it as he likes. Boys, eh :0)

  2. Love my boy so much and I see that he plays so differently to Isla, he happily plays on his own and is in his own little world ;)