Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Myro, the Smallest Plane in the World Apps & Audio Books

- Myro, the Smallest Plane in the World, Launches in the UK -
The Nation’s King of Pantos and I’m A Celebrity winner, Christopher Biggins is taking on a new role as narrator for a series of Children’s Audio story books and iPad story Apps set in Australia called ‘Myro, The Smallest Plane in the World’.
The series follows the adventures of a little British Microlight called Myro – mischievous, curious and prone to disaster – as he settles into his new home ‘Down Under’ in Australia. The stories have stunning images and great story lines and are packed with songs and sound effects, all brought to life by a cast of actors led by the energetic Christopher Biggins.
The stories of ‘Myro, The Smallest Plane in the World’ are fun, exciting and link into school curriculum themes such as Technology (Aeroplanes), Science (Australia and Animals), Literacy and Music. They also cover important social and developmental themes such as teamwork, culture, friendship and organisational skills.
Commenting on Myro, Christopher Biggins says,
“I’m very excited to be narrating Myro, The Smallest Plane in the World. I had such a great experience in the Australian jungle, and now it is time to bring my love of the country to a new generation of children.
“The main characters are often getting into and out of scrapes– and there are subtle lessons and happy endings at the end of each story, which I love. My aim is to see Myro move onto the small screen as a TV series and then into theatres as a stage play – so watch this space as like Myro, I think these exciting new productions will take off!”
Myro School’s Story Sacks and School’s Musicals are also launching up and down the country, with the first musical recently being performed in Edinburgh with 120 children on stage dressed as aeroplanes and animals.
Myro is created and published by Nick Rose, who bought a Microlight in 2004 and flew it around Australia. He then began developing the series when he realised there was a gap in the market for a quality series of children’s story books and iPad story Apps about aeroplanes that encourage children (particularly boys) to read at an early age.
What did we think of Myro?
We started with the Myro and The Jet Fighter Story App first which was pretty exciting as we've only just got an iPad and Isla is loving using the 'big phone'. I uploaded it and then we read it for the first time at bedtime. I chose to turn off the narration as I like to be the one who reads to Isla at bedtime. If she was to look at it herself then the narration is perfect and the characters all have a voice as well. I was really impressed with the illustrations, they're so bright, colourful and cheery. I also liked that on each page of the story there were these blue hotspots where you can touch them and a character will speak, Isla especially loved that. I really like how interactive it is. The story is sweet and Myro proves to be a very courageous little aeroplane. I was initially worried that a story about an aeroplane wouldn't appeal to my Barbie obsessed little girl, but I needn't have as she loved the story. At the end there are a few extras, including a bit where you can learn the phonetic alphabet.
We also received a copy of Myro Arrives in Australia Audio Book. We've listened to it once so far, but it was good because there was some recognition of Myro from the app. The car stopped being a place where I got to listen to my music or my radio shows a very long time ago, so when we have something new to listen to it's a relief, as kids LOVE repetition, Hokey Cokey 20 times anyone? I think that we'll enjoy listening to Myro and I'm sure that more Myro stories will be on someones Christmas list.... I totally agree with Biggins comments above that Myro would be great as a TV series, it's a modern day Jimbo and The Jetset!
With their gripping stories, beautiful images and irresistible characters, Myro, The Smallest Plane in the World is sure to find a place in everyone’s heart. For more information on ‘Myro, The Smallest Plane in the World’, please visit www.myro.com or become a fan of Myro’s on Facebook and on Twitter @ MyroAdventures
Launched on 30th October, the iPad / iPhone Story Apps are downloadable from the App Store, with the Audio Story Books + CDs available from Waterstones, Amazon.com and Independent Booksellers.

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