Monday, 29 October 2012

Willy, Poo, Bum....and Other Toddler Speak

As recently as the last month Isla has started to be a bit more cheeky and is using some words that I know she deems to be naughty as when she says them she's laughing but I know she's also testing out whether she's allowed to say them. We've had bum head, poo head and maybe even a combination of willy, poo, bum head. Inside I'm laughing my head off as I do remember doing all this with my little sister (pig bum I seem to remember as being one of my favourites...) but I'm also hoping that not too many people outside of our house get called these names. I've obviously told her that it's rude and she shouldn't say it but I guess it is par for the course. 

Another conversation that I was hit with last week was about willies. I really couldn't contain myself on this one and did end up howling with laughter:

The scene, in the bathroom, bathing Isla:

Isla: I haven’t got a willy mummy.
Me: no you haven’t
Isla: have you got a willy?
Me: no, boys have willies
Isla: does Noah have a willy?
Me: yes
Isla: does he have a big willy or a little willy?
Me: a little willy
Isla: does daddy have a willy?
Me: yes
Isla: Does daddy have a big willy or a  little willy
*lots of stifled laughs from me*
Me: I would say its medium sized……

Sorry to my OH but I *had* to share this as it is a classic! She is fascinated by our bodies and all the different bits, so I guess we've probably got a bit more of this kind of thing to come in the future!

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  1. Haha! I can't wait until my little girl starts talking! It'll be a whole new world if hilarity ;) xxx tee hee