Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Persil Mosh and Wash - Get Messy With Music

Last Sunday was one of those drab days outside and all we wanted to do as a family was chill out. Sometimes the thought of staying in all day drives me mad but we all had a really good time, watching films (Star Wars - Isla and OH), playing with the Lego (Noah and I), taking naps (Noah), cooking a yummy beef casserole (Me) and in the afternoon I got the kids to take a look in a box of supplies that Persil supplied to get us into their Mosh and Wash campaign.

The first thing that caught Isla's eye was the big square piece of material and once I tied it round her head like a bandana, she got all into role play and pretended she was a pirate, ok so not exactly pretending to be a rock star but she had fun! Then I handed out the drumsticks. That prompted drumming on everything in sight.....they were withdrawn after a while as the drumming was getting ever more enthusiatic and dangerous....LOL!

Then the best bit as far as Isla was concerned was the face painting! Now as you'll see here I'm not expert when it comes to face painting - I blame the fact that they were sticks rather then paint ones. Once I'd finished Isla's face I have to say that my OH and I were in hysterics. It was an atrocious effort but I soon got him to stop laughing once I made a start on his......

By the time we'd done the faces we had a full on festival atmosphere going on in the house, it prompted a game of musical chairs (this is Isla's current favourite game, but lord forbid if she doesn't win!) and even Noah joined in and donned a pair of cool shades!

Check out the Persil site for some more ideas for activities to do with the kids - great for a grey Autumn day!

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