Silent Sunday

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Love All Blogs


  1. Coombe Mill said...:

    Looks like someone's being very helpful, sweeping up the leaves!

  1. pinkoddy said...:

    well trained :O)

  1. Danielle Adams said...:

    Can he come and sweep ours up ;-) What a star! xx

    It started with a Squish

  1. awww, lovely - long may the helpfulness last!

  1. Brilliant! and so big now :-)

  1. Well trained! Teach them early :-)

  1. Emma Tait said...:

    Is he coming to tell you to sweep up?! hehe

  1. Looks like a very willing helper.

  1. he loved it! Wouldn't let go of the broom, really wanted to help Grandpa clean up the leaves! :)

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