Monday, 5 November 2012

What mustn't you do with.......?

In the last week we've had to say the phrase "what mustn't you do with (insert object)?" quite a few times and it all started when last Friday I found out that Isla had cut another little girls hair at nursery. I'm friendly with the girl's parents and I received a text from her mum saying that her daughter had a lot less hair this afternoon than this morning. If anyone else was telling me this story I would have probably burst out laughing but I just felt really fed up about it. What were the nursery doing letting them play in such a way with scissors? I was aware that they used little craft scissors but I had thought that they were supervised. Scissors had already caused a bit of a furore last year when Isla was accused by another parent of cutting the hair of his daughter when she was only 2. That time was slightly more awkward as I was told this by the father while at soft play (I'd never met him before but his daughter started trumpeting out loud that "Isla cut my hair!"). The nursery hadn't even told me anything about it. At the time I found it hard to believe because at home Isla couldn't even hold scissors properly let alone be able to cut a small plait off a girls head (she had Afro hair - there were lots of small plaits). So on approaching the nursery on that occasion they said that they weren't sure who'd done it therefore they couldn't tell any single one parent. It then came about that it wasn't Isla it was her little friend who'd done it, but the other parent was determined to believe the word of his 2 year old daughter.

So since then I thought that scissors might be monitored better although I think I have become complacent of late believing Isla to be a lot more responsible than she actually is. What actually happens when it is described does sound absolutely hilarious. The CCTV shows 4 girls playing hairdressers with each other, they all take it in turns to sit and have their hair brushed and 'styled' and in one little girls experience have an actual cut!!! The long and short of this is that I have spoken to the nursery and so have Isla's friend's parents and they have convinced us that scissors will be more closely monitored and will not be out to use over lunchtime where there is a period of children being picked up from a morning session and dropped off for the afternoon and nursery staff are not so focused on an activity such as craft. Staff who should have been watching the children more closely have also been disciplined. I feel that the situation has been dealt with and hope that it doesn't happen again. This incident triggered a whole weekend of me and the OH saying 'What mustn't we do with scissors' over and over again. "Cut hair" comes the solemn answer!

I mentioned that I've been complacent lately too and so following the scissor incident came the drawing on the walls incident! I really didn't think that this would happen to us. I felt like we'd got past the stage where she might do this, that she would understand that the walls aren't for BLACK FELT TIP PEN! No, not quite and so our next phrase was "What mustn't you do with pens?" .......ah, it's so easy this parenting lark.


  1. I do enjoy hearing that these sorts of things happen to other parents too.

  2. OMG, I can imagine your shock at that text. Sometimes when our kids seem to be doing fine we don't always check how they are doing at daycare.Weget a bit complacent. We'd luv for them to luv our kids as much as we do but the reality is many don't. Its a job.

    I've had issues with my nursery too. I'm not sure if I should take my son out or not. His behaviour has changed and he's been a bit aggressive. They say he's getting confident and perhaps jus being a boy. Not sure what being a boy has to do with hitting and pushing. Thanks fully today he was fine and came home 'settled' so I'll give it a few more weeks.

  3. Ah MsExpat, it's hard isn't it. In this case, I really do like the nursery and Isla loves it there (and so does Noah), I like so many of the staff, so I'm chalking this one up to experience, and they really were sincerely upset that it had happened. I found between 2 and 3 quite challenging with Isla as that was the time that we also had Noah and although on the whole she was generally good, she also felt she had to make her presence known. Maybe Angelo is just picking up on the new baby vibes? hope things improve. xx

  4. Happens to us all, in my case Guy found my hairdressing scissors age 5 and cut his own hair! Less embarrassing than someone else's, but oh what a state. Kids have a knack of knowing they shouldn't really be doing something and making sure no one is watching at the appropriate moment. You are right to chalk it up to experience and dine out on it in years to come!

  5. Fi, I love that story!! I bet it was terrible! I cannot wait to talk about this one in years to come, knowing how much I absolutely loved hearing about what I got up to when I was little!