Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wigwam Review

I was asked a few weeks ago whether the kids would like to review something from Big Game Hunters - an online company who specialise in outdoor games and play equipment, so I thought why the heck not and decided upon a lovely looking Wigwam. It didn't take long to arrive but when it did we were a bit stuck as the weather is not too clever at this time of year and outdoor play is limited to when it's not raining. Eventually we got fed up of waiting for a dry weekend in between the ones where we weren't busy and we decided that the house is as good a place as any to put up a Wigwam. The kids agreed - they loved it. I even did some warpaint on Isla's face so she could get into full Red Indian character. We don't have a huge living room so it was in the way a bit but in the summer I can see it will be great to have it outside and we can invite their friends round to play Cowboys and Indians!

Here's a little snap shot of our afternoon putting up the wigwam and playing with it:
Isla helps to put it together
Really simple, easy instructions!
Oh dear, sitting on top of the Wigwam isn't going to get it made!
Daddy gets down to the building!
Squaw Isla outside her new Wigwam home!
Obviously the following day when I worked from home and the kids were at nursery it was the most beautiful day (sods law!) so I took the wigwam outside so I could see how fabulous it will look in the summer next year:

We'd like to thank the people at Garden Games for this fabulous Wigwam - I would definitely recommend - it's easy to build, it's roomy and the canvas is beautiful! There is so much more to - they also sell some brilliant giant games including some fabulous croquet sets! 

We were sent this wigwam free of charge in order to complete this post. We really do LOVE it and can't wait to play with it in the good weather next year.

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