Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How to Make a Christmas Snow Globe

The kids and I have made a few crafty things in the run up to Christmas - these Homemade Tree Decorations:

And also some salt dough decorations, which were fun to make so we got on a bit of a roll and I decided we'd be a bit ambitious and make a Christmas Snow Globe. This was made all the more exciting because it meant I would need a glue gun - something that is a must have for most crafters - so I think I've made it into the ranks now! hahahaha! 

What you will need to make a Christmas Snow Globe:

Materials with my Glamorous Assistant!

An empty clean glass jar with a secure lid
Enamel paint to paint the jar lid
A plastic Christmassy ornament - important to pick a material that won't perish in the water
Glycerin - can be bought from pharmacy
Glue Gun

And one Glamorous Assistant!

Firstly Paint the Lid with the Enamel Paint - we chose Red!
We dried the lid with the hair dryer in order to speed up the process!
Add glue (using glue gun!) to underside of lid and attach Snowman.
Stick optional stars around the jar.
Fill jar with water!
Add Glitter - LOTS!
Add Glycerin - just a dash - to thicken the water and
make the glitter float and swirl around better!
Then screw on your lid and seal up the jar using silicon
 (the stuff that you would use to seal round baths) - smooth it round neatly
and then leave the jar with your  Snowman upside down overnight, to ensure silicone dries and seals
In the morning turn over your snowglobe and check that it's not leaking!
Add a pretty ribbon to the bottom and give it a good shake and watch the magic!
This will make a fab Christmas gift for the Grandparents! 

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  1. Yay, we love making snow globes - it's our one tried and true craft :)