Monday, 14 January 2013

Isla's First Dentist Trip

It's been a week of firsts, Noah's haircut now Isla's first trip to the dentist. I'd been thinking that we needed to do this for a while and the dentist confirmed that we were bang on with timing. 3 is a good age to start regular check ups.

Isla was looking forward to it, we'd talked about it lots and I'd prepared her for what would happen and that there would likely be a sticker for her if she was good.

We arrived and filled in all the necessary new patient forms and NHS forms and then saw a really lovely lady dentist who made Isla feel at ease. I prepped Isla so much that almost the minute we got in the room she had her mouth open saying "ahhhh"! The dentist counted her teeth and advised that at this age I should definitely be assisting her with the brushing (which I do) and that if its hard to get the toothpaste on the back teeth to smooth some round them with my finger and to also ensure Isla spits and doesn't swallow the toothpaste. All sensible advice. Here she is in the chair. At the end she got her sticker (a Disney Rapunzel one) but as we left the dentist I think she missed the point slightly and asked if as she had been a good girl could she have some chocolate.....


  1. Funny! Hopefully she won't grow up to hate the dentist as some do.

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