Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My Toddler at 18 Months - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.....

A lots been happening with Noah the last couple of months and I've not been very good at documenting it! So here goes:

The Good:

There's lot of good! Noah is really talking lots and most of the time I can understand him and I love that. I love that he can communicate. Obviously we have plenty of words that we can't understand and he has the frustration that comes with that. He sings recognisable nursery rhymes (Twinkle Twinkle) and TV theme tunes (Postman Pat/ Get Well Soon) and rather randomly he sings "Appy Birday Dear Mummy" whenever the mood takes him! He is always pointing at things and saying "Whassat?/ Whoddat?" - love it when he does this. He is joining lots of words together now as well, "sit there mummy", "breakfast time", "very hot Daddy", "Put on table" etc etc. His latest funny thing is that he's discovered that Mummy and Daddy have 'other' names - and he finds it hilarious calling us Sharon and Tony! Hmmmm.

He can count to seven, misses out eight and then does nine and ten. He also knows his shapes - circles/ squares and triangle and can pick out a few letters from the alphabet - seems to like that 'G' for Grandpa the most! He knows loads of animals, lions being his favourites followed by dinosaurs.

He has 'Obsessions' and what I mean by this is that he becomes fixated on random things. One of them was a his welly boots, for a time it was a struggle to get his shoes on, he would always demand "Boots, boots!" and get quite stressed if he didn't get his way. The next obsession was The Lion King. This is the first ever film that he showed a full on interest in and watched it from start to finish. We went through a fair few weeks where he would point at the TV and keep saying "Lions, lions, lions" over and over again until we put it on. He loves it, particularly Hakuna Matata! Amongst other obsessions: his toothbrush and his Rabbit (which was originally Isla's but she's been so good at letting him have it).

He is now very adept at feeding himself, he has been since about 14/15 months and this has been great as it means that when we're all sat round the table no one needs to let their dinner go cold while they're feeding him. He can use a spoon and a fork. 

He is excellent at playing his own games and can play for ages just with his cars or trains. He has lots of matchbox cars and he can tell you what quite a few of them are: "Mini, Beetle, 'Ghini" (Lamborghini!). He loves playing with Play Doh, doing painting and sticking. He loves tickles and rough and tumble which I love - he giggles his head off!

He has used the potty! Only a handful of times but it's happened and he likes to sit on it. More often than not when he says he wants to use the potty he doesn't do anything but I know he understands what it's for, and he likes to go on it when Isla is using the toilet. Having an older sibling might be helpful for this? Maybe.

The Bad:

Eating is sometimes a struggle with him in the same way that it was with Isla - his range of foods that he will eat are limited and there is absolutely no persuading him yet to eat anything other than his favourite things. The fortunate thing is that as we've already witnessed this with Isla and she is now eating relatively well (there's still room for improvement!) so we're not worried and we know that this will change and he will add to his repertoire. However I do wonder if the food things does cause the sleep thing below, if he doesn't eat his lunch or dinner I don't make him anything else and he generally doesn't get dessert as I'm trying to teach him that puddings don't follow if you don't eat your dinner and also that by not eating dinner Mummy won't get you something else instead. I now make one dinner for all and if the kids don't eat it all then that is their problem.

Sibling jealousy has reared its ugly head already and Noah is very territorial over me, in fact it can be very suffocating at times. If Isla is sitting on my lap he wants to be sitting there too, he always looks very put out if I'm doing something with her and not him. When I get home from work he is by my side straight away which is obviously very endearing but when I need the toilet and I try to go upstairs he is instantly inconsolable until I've hurried back down stairs and I've picked him up. Then he's all smiles!

The Ugly:

The really ugly is that we're not doing very well with the sleep situation. Noah has regressed. He has gone from being the most easy baby to put to bed at night to being very demanding. Gone are the days where he would have his bedtime bottle, I'd put him in the cot, say night night and walk out of the room. I can't even pinpoint when it went wrong but what happens now is that he has his bedtime bottle, we read some books together, I decide we've read enough, I put him in the cot, say night night, go to walk out of the room and he screams and cries. On returning to the room, he points at the chair and says "Sit there" and what he wants is for us to "sit there" while he falls off to sleep! It's preposterous that we're even entertaining this behaviour but we feel like our hands are tied as Isla and Noah share a room and we don't want him screaming his head off stopping her from getting to sleep. She is the worlds most deepest sleeper though, so on the odd occasion where we've thought leave him to scream and see if he gives up, she falls asleep despite the noise. 

Then on top of this we also have the nightly wake ups. Once if we're lucky, twice if we're really unlucky. And again we get told what it is he wants. "Nilk" (this is how he says "milk" - funny as Isla always used to say "malk") and if "Nilk" isn't produced then again he goes into a massive break down and again we can't risk Isla being woken up. So these are both connected problems and we do need to sort them out but we don't know how without disrupting Isla's sleep. Anyone with any ideas then I'm all ears...... please......we're desperate.

Apart from the sleep issue, Noah is a really fun and happy little boy and I love watching him change and grow and make his mark on our family! Love you Lots Noah x

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