Thursday, 21 February 2013

Our Day Out to ZSL London Zoo - Noah's Report!

At the weekend Mummy and Daddy took Isla and me to London Zoo. Mummy had been prepping us for it all week, I'd read Dear Zoo with Mummy about 25 times at bedtime and Isla had a cool new book about going to the Zoo called Tabitha Posy Was Ever So Nosey, so we were properly excited - although Isla didn't want to end up like the little girl in that book getting swallowed by the Tiger! Mummy asked us what animals we wanted to see, I shouted LIONS and Isla said Sheep! 

We had to set off really early in the morning to get the train and we nearly didn't get on because it was so busy - then we got the big red bus where more important Zoo prep took place - we ate a bag of Cadbury's Animal biscuits - Yum.

We got to the zoo and made our way round to see the animals - here's our photo tour......

I was also lucky enough to meet a nice young lady, Pixie, who's my mummy's friend's little girl. I think she liked mummy and daddy's first date was to London Zoo many moons ago, so it's clearly the place to go courting!

I couldn't wait to see the lions - my favourite film ever is The Lion King! 

We had a really nice day at London Zoo and the sun was shining which made it all the more special. Once Isla and I started to get a bit tired Mummy decided that it was time to go home, so I snuggled up to Mummy and let the C2 bus rock me off to sleep and I dreamt of all the animals I'd seen at the zoo. 

Isla couldn't wait to get her new Giraffe home!

Here I am with Isla telling mummy what we saw at zoo.....thank you for a lovely day!


Over to Mummy.....

Our Day Out to London Zoo was paid for by Virgin Money - so thank you so much for giving us a lovely family day! 

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  1. Lovely post! We all went last year and the Giraffes were our favourites too. The penguins were also great. Samuel's favourite toy for a while was a great inflatable giraffe hammer we got in the shop - until he hammered us too hard & it burst! Love the video of your kids - gorgeous!

  2. Loved hearing about your day at the zoo. My family also took a trip there during half term and it really made me laugh how your kids reactions were almost identical to that of my 2...right up to passing out exhausted on the way home! Far too much fun and fresh air! As well as the giraffes and big cats, mine were particularly taken with the bug house, screaming VERY loud with excitement all the way round that and the butterfly tunnel.

  3. Ah, looks like a lovely day and great photos too. My little boy loves Bristol Zoo and would be great to take him to London Zoo someday x

  4. And you got sunshine too! Sounds (and looks like a perfect day!) :) Emma

  5. That sounds like a fun trip. My children love the giraffes too!

  6. Thanks guys! We had a nice day and we were so lucky with the weather. London is great in the sunshine!

  7. i love going to the zoo, and we must go again this year. you guys looked like you enjoyed a great day out and with the sun shining too which was a bonus! i like giraffes too their colours and markings are so beautiful. x

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