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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

This is my girl. I love her more than any other girl in the whole world. She makes me laugh, she makes me exasperated, she makes me want to kiss and cuddle her all day, she gives me a different perspective on the world, she invigorates me but at the same time wears me out. There are days when I feel she is so grown up for 3 and half and worldly wise then other days when I'm reminded that she's still a baby really. We talk about school a lot lately, I tell her that she will learn to read and write and count to way beyond 100 and her response is "will I learn to write 'S's'?" - the only letter in her name that she's not quite mastered, these are the kinds of things that trouble her. I want to keep her world so small and safe but I know that it's not meant to be that way. I've been reading The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey in the last week and there is a passage where the male character in book mourns the loss of his little girl as she has now grown up and is about to have a family of her own. I can feel that in me sometimes when I see my children getting so big. They can't stay little for long but lets enjoy them to the max while they are.


  1. Laura CYMFT said...:

    Lovely photo. She does look older than 3 and a half! You are right, they grow far too quickly!

  1. Molly said...:

    Love the stripes. I want a pair of those


  1. Louise said...:

    what a cute smile. love her leggings!x

  1. becca said...:

    Lovely post. i feel just the same about my little 3 year old girl... time seems to pass so quickly... B

  1. Jaime Oliver said...:

    what a really beautiful smile. xx

  1. Mama Owl said...:

    A beautiful post about a beautiful girl! x

  1. Gorgeous little lady. Shred definitely looks older than 3.5! x

  1. Emily Foran said...:

    Lovely little lady - great leggins xx

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