Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Birth Made Easy by Paola Bagnall

It’s quite understandable that any pregnant woman might feel apprehensive about the impending birth. I know I did first time round and now it's becoming increasingly common for the mum-to-be to use a technique called hypno-birthing to overcome this fear and take control of the birth process.

To meet this increasing demand, a hypnotherapist by the name of Paola Bagnall has produced a combined book and audio-package called Birth Made Easy. Using the self-hypnosis, breathing and visualisation techniques in the book, combined with the CD/MP3, Paola believes women can have a natural and enjoyable birth with minimal pain.

“Publishing this book was a dream of mine,” said Paola, “I’ve helped many women with my approach, which I call Inner Power Hypno Birthing and I now want to share it with the world.
“The body is designed to give birth. By unlocking the power of the unconscious with self-hypnosis, your baby’s arrival into the world can be the truly magical experience it should be.”
Paola was a biology teacher for 35 years before training to become a hypnotherapist. She therefore has a thorough understanding of the human body as well of the workings of the mind and this is clear from reading Birth made Easy.

The book explains techniques that should be followed during the pregnancy, labour and birth and also afterwards. It also covers some of the common complications such as having a breech baby or worries about post-birth bonding. Crucially, partners are encouraged to be involved so they can be a part of the whole process.

If I was going for a third baby (which I'm not!) then I would definitely hypno birthing. During my pregnancy with Noah I practised pregnancy yoga which helped me considerably with controlled breathing and with visualisation during the birth so I know that Paola's book would be an excellent resource for promoting an easier birth.

The book is available on Kindle and as an iBook. For more information or to buy a paper copy go to

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