Thursday, 21 March 2013

Chiquito - Restaurant Review

Last week my two best girlfriends and I took up Chiquito on their lovely offer of £50 towards a meal from their new menu. Originally this was going to be a date night with the hubby but we didn't want to ask our parents for babysitting as in April they are doing us a massive favour and having the kids for 3 nights when we go to France.We don't like to put upon them too much as they child mind for us every week while we work. So my besties stepped up to the mark to have a free meal - hard life isn't it! It was so nice to catch up and talk without interruption!

What did we order?

Fully Loaded Nachos to share

Southern Fried Chicken and BBQ Pulled Pork
Chicken and Ribs

Both of the above dishes came with fries, corn on the cob, onion rings, coleslaw and BBQ sauce

Chicken Fajitas

Nachos were delicious, but probably were partly to blame for us not finishing our main courses! Not to mention the little bowl of (free) popcorn we got while we chose our food - nice touch!

All in all we liked the main courses - our only real negative comment was that the portion sizes were too big - however for some people this would be a positive! Also when we chose the first two mains we did actually love the fact that there was so much included in the dish - so this isn't a bad point really! Only small bug bears - the chips weren't hot and the wraps for the fajitas were a bit on the crispy side. We were so full from the main course that we couldn't even cast our eyes over the dessert menu.

The menu really is so extensive that I challenge anyone not to find something that they would like. And as is always the case with us, even though we weren't out with the children we checked out the kids menu and it looked like a great place to bring them for well priced lunch - the restaurant itself is on a retail park with a cinema and bowling alley so would be good for a meal after.

Other points worth making

We had a couple of cocktails which weren't all that, and unfortunately we seemed to choose wine that was also not that great, but we were there to review the food not the drinks, so I won't dwell on that. 

The furnishings in the restaurant could maybe do with a little overhaul - the seat in our booth had a bit of a rip. However it isn't a new restaurant and of course it didn't spoil our enjoyment of the evening!

The waiting staff were great, friendly and attentive - particularly the male waiter who saw me hand a couple of samples of the Knackered Mother's Wine Club book out and thought they said 'Naked Mother's Wine Club' - cue much laughter from us and embarrassment from him!

Our bill came to around £80 which I would say isn't all bad for what we had. We had a really nice evening at Chiquito and we'd just like to say thank you for inviting us to try out the new menu. If you want to find out where there is a local Chiquito restaurant close to you click here Chiquito 'Angels' are visiting restaurants currently - if you're lucky they could come by your table and make your bill disappear!

As already mentioned I was given a £50 voucher to use to review Chiquito. I've given an honest account of our meal - views are those of my friends and I.

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