Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How to Make the 'Alternative' Easter Bonnet!

Now I have two children in nursery I have to make two Easter Bonnets! I was really prepared with Isla's one - we started it weeks ago and finished it at the weekend, she did all the painting and I just did all the putting together. I love crafting with her - she gets so into it. However I wasn't as prepared with Noah's but when my work colleague Tim showed me what he'd made for his son, I just knew I wanted to do the same for Noah and share this really simple but fun idea with you. I said it was an 'alternative' Easter Bonnet and what I mean by that is it's a HOT CROSS BUN! Which is really appropriate for Noah at the moment as he won't stop eating the things! Here's how I made it:

You will need

Ideally Brown wrapping paper or I used 2 large brown envelopes stuck together 
White Card
Black Card
Stuffing to pad out the 'hot cross bun' - I used a load of carrier bags/ you could use bubble wrap
Glue/ Sellotape
Card to make the hat go round your child's head - I used card from a cereal box

How to make your Hot Cross Bun Easter Hat

Take the envelopes and make them into a square.

Stuff with carrier bags to pad out your bun

Fold the corners of your 'square' shape so that you make a more rounded bun shape.

Cut two lengths of white card and stick these to your 'bun' in a cross

Cut a few circles from your black card and stick these on to your 'bun' - these are your currants

Obviously this has to sit on your child's head so I cut the top off a cereal box and sized it to Noah's head and stuck it on to the bottom of the bun and voila you have your Hot Cross Bun Easter Hat! 

Isla also had to give it a try:

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. That's a brilliant Easter hat idea - I wish I'd known about it years ago when my big ones were small. We missed the Easter Bonnets at nursery this year because no.3 boy had Chicken Pox (no.4 boy has it now). I'm definitely going to borrow this next year :D

  2. Oh wow! That's brilliant. Well done x