Monday, 18 March 2013

Under Siege from Chicken Pox

So for the past month our household has been held to ransom by Chicken Pox. Isla got it first and apart from the spots there was nothing wrong with her. No raised temperatures, no sleepless nights, no actual illness to speak of. I thought to myself “what is the big deal about chicken pox? It’s a breeze” She had spots develop for 2 days and then it was just a case of them drying out and scabbing up. I could count the number she had and she hardly had any on her face. They were all fairly small as well. She missed nursery on a Friday, but was back there by the following Wednesday. Easy peasy.

However we knew that it stood to reason that Noah would get it and it was just a matter of sitting and waiting. It got to the middle of the following week after Isla was better and I thought it a bit weird that he still didn’t have it and then BAM, the next evening, a Thursday, there were the spots. And the spots didn’t stop appearing until the following Tuesday – so 5 whole days of new spots popping up. He had loads and they were big and sore looking. And so many on his little face. He missed nursery last week but will be back there on Wednesday as they have all scabbed. Whereas Isla was very easy to deal with, he has been extra clingy, prior to the spots appearing he had a few little temperatures here and there. It just goes to show that the same virus will have differing effects.
We didn’t do anything special to deal with the spots – although with Noah we used Piriton as there were so many spots that he was a bit more aggravated by them. We also used the usual Calamine Lotion (the smell of that stuff brings back memories of my childhood!), a gel called Virasoothe and baths with baking soda. But in all honesty, both kids haven’t been particularly itchy and scratchy and when told to stop scratching they have, so I’m hoping that scarring has been limited. My only concern is that with Isla having it so mildly she could get it again and the thought of being confined to the house for another weekend doesn’t thrill me but hey that’s being kids and illness for you!

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