Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Toddler Talk - A Few Recent Funnies

Now that Noah is approaching 2 (yes, where has the time gone!!!??) there are some very funny conversations going on in our house and the other morning I was lucky enough to overhear the first real conversation between Noah and Isla and they didn't realise I was earwigging - well it was 6.30am - I was trying to keep a low profile and get a bit more time in bed!

Noah: You're being naughty
Isla: no you're being naughty!
Noah: No Daddy naughty
Noah: I'm not a monster (I've got to disagree!)

Then Noah goes through the entire family "Grandpa naughty, Nanny naughty, Aunty Kirsty naughty, Cousin M naughty etc etc"

Noah: I like Mummy best
Isla: I like Mummy best in the whole world wide 

*I like this part of the conversation!*

Noah: I like Daddy
Isla: You are a rude person
Noah: No I not rude. I'm not naughty.
Isla: I see you in the chair in the night being naughty (this is reference to the fact that Noah STILL WAKES EVERY FRIGGIN' NIGHT and I sit with him in the chair!) I'll give you a star if you stop being naughty (I love that she is going to start her own star chart system with him...!)
Noah: I want Poppy Cat and Daisy Doo
Isla: You are naughty, I'm going now and taking my sheep (at this point she comes in to me and I'm laughing my head off)

And finally a great one from yesterday: 

Me: Are you going to be a good boy today Noah?
Noah: No, I not be good boy, ever, never.


Noah: I be silly and billy.
Me: *sigh*

Wot So Funee?


  1. LOL I love to listen to kids speak. They are so confident in expressing their opinions.

  2. I adore silly and billy - he sounds perfect to me. Apart from the sleep thing, yeah, I can't take that nonsense ;)

  3. I love that he will never ever be a good boy! Fabulous!

  4. Ha ha, how cheeky is Noah? I can't believe he is so big now. Is it really two years since CyberMummy?

  5. Noah makes me laugh - he's so like our toddler in what he says. I find it so amusing listening to them chatter away. POD said her bedroom curtains were silly earlier :)

  6. Love it - how gorgeously cheeky!

  7. 'recently 3' year old adds 'never ever' to the end of every declaration... :D