Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Walkers Hoops and Crosses Review

This weekend we got a little surprise of a packet of the new Walkers 'Hoops and Crosses' and they were accompanied by a cute Monkey - this worked brilliantly as Isla immediately claimed the monkey and Noah claimed the crisps. The packet lasted all of 3 minutes. We were sent Roast Beef flavour and I already knew that Isla wouldn't like them as she's not really adventurous with flavours - she is a cheese flavour crisp fanatic. However before I knew it Noah was making his way through half the bag and I hadn't even had a go yet! We shared the rest and I really liked them and it was clear that he did too at the rate they were disappearing down his neck!
  • Each bag has 85 calories - they are a baked snack so have less fat
  • Hoops and Crosses are made from 56% wholegrains - which is great as experts agree that a healthy balanced diet should include wholegrain but around 27% of kids don't get any at all
  • They have no artificial colours or preservatives 
  • They come in three flavours – all suitable for vegetarians (prawn cocktail, roast beef, salt and vinegar) 
My thoughts on these crisps are that they are really tasty and have a good crunch and it feels like there are plenty in the packet. They would make a great lunchtime/ lunchbox snack. They are fun, the hoops and crosses appeal to kids sense of fun, the hoops work well as rings on little fingers, you could also play a game of noughts and crosses with them. Noah rather liked them as glasses....

My only comment would reflect the fact that most brands of crisps have a cheese variant and I think a cheesy flavour would be great in this range. We're looking forward to trying out the other flavours soon.

I was sent a packet of Walkers Hoops and Crosses and a cuddly monkey for the purposes of this post. This is a sponsored review and all opinions are my own.

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