Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fun In the Sun!

This weekend we went Up North to visit friends and a freakish thing happened - it was sunny the whole time we were there - we had fun in the sun! It wasn't just a bit sunny but totally scorchio. I'm not saying it's never sunny in the North, just that it's never sunny whenever we go there, so this was such a bonus and meant that we spent the majority of it out in the open and had barbecues both days. Oh Happy Day!

We went to visit my longest standing friend from senior school and her family and Isla and Noah had a lovely time there playing with their kids and all their toys. By the end of the weekend Noah had taken quite a shine to my friend's little girl and even uttered "I luff you" - too cute. Isla also loved her because of their shared love of Lelli Kelly shoes.

Following that there was fun in the garden in the paddling pool and running around soaking everyone with the hose.

Then on the Sunday we went out for a picnic to Dunham Massey, a National Trust property, which was lovely.

We didn't venture far into the grounds but we were right next to a natural playground with loads of logs to balance on and brilliant animal wood carvings. There was a lot of horsing around, jumping all over each other and kicking the ball around etc, all good fun.

We even managed to get this family shot of the four of us.

All in all we had a great weekend, catching up with friends, laughing lots, eating a fair bit and making memories. The sunshine really does make a difference doesn't it?

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  1. I'm with you all the way, going out whatever the weather is good to do but for real enjoyment and feel good factor the sun is preferable. It looks like a weekend packed with outdoor family fun, perfect!

  2. Nothing better than sunshine fresh air and friends! Looks like you had a blast!

  3. Wow looks like you had a great weekend and what amazing weather - love spending as much time outdoors and I think using a paddle boat as a paddling pool is a great idea :) Lovely photos
    Just stopping over from country kids

    Laura x

  4. :0) Looks like lots of fun. I love amusement park rides but I always shout so loud. I get scared. The kids all look at me. You kids are growing so fast, it must make you head spin :0)

  5. What a fab weekend with amazing friends x