Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How To Stop a 2 Year Old Night Feeding and Other Tales.....

So lately we’ve had quite a few little funny conversations and incidents, Noah has picked up OH's habit of saying "for pete's sake", which sounds rather too cute and is always in context! And Isla is full of lots of cheekiness at the moment, with her favourite insult being "Boo-Boo Chicken Face"......The one incident that sticks topmost in my mind is this one:

We’re on the bus to ballet, Isla is sitting next to me and an elderly man and woman get on. I don’t notice their faces but Isla does and asks me, “why’s that man so sad?” (obviously loud enough for most of the bus to hear – except for the man in question, thank god!). I didn’t see him, but after a minute or two I turned round to look and admittedly he does seem to have one of those naturally sad looking faces, very down turned mouth and sad eyes. He doesn’t seem sad at all (he’s talking very animatedly with the lady) but it’s just his expression that Isla has taken to mean he is sad. Just to make sure that I understand what she means she then goes on to pull lots of sad looking faces to demonstrate a sad face… this point I had to take a photo.

As the man got off the bus he was talking to the lady he got on with and he no longer looks as sad, Isla seemed really relieved by it and told me “That man’s not sad anymore”…….

We’ve also been battling with Noah over his nightly milk consumption and we decided a fortnight ago that it needed to stop. An almost 2 year old does not need milk during the night! It has stopped you’ll be pleased to hear but we had a hellish 3 or 4 days where it was literally cold turkey for him and a full 90 minutes at about 1am with a battle of our will against his. The second night that we were doing this, I dealt with his screaming and crying very calmly and just tried to talk him down and get him back to sleep. He could try the patience of a saint though, bear in mind that it’s 1am, this is a small excerpt of his random requests, starting off with the obvious one:


Me: You can’t have milk, here’s some water if you’re thirsty

“I WANT MILK IN BOTTLE” (we cut out bottles at the same time as cutting the milk)

Me: Well that’s all you can have I’m afraid (gritting my teeth at this point)

Then things went crazy and even though I was tired, I did want to giggle at these requests:
“I WANT GO IN GARDEN” (It’s 1am, I don’t think so)
“I WANT GO DOWNSTAIRS” (not a chance)
“I WANT BISCUIT” (most definitely not)

Intermittently there was a return to the milk request. Met with a firm no.

“I WANT RABBIT” – give him his rabbit, it’s thrown on the floor “I DON’T WANT RABBIT”
“I WANT TEDDY” – give him his teddy, it joins rabbit on the floor “I DON’T WANT TEDDY!”

Then we have a conversation about the dustbin men, as he loves watching them out the window on Monday mornings. I explain calmly (although finding it hard to stay calm by this point) that it’s actually Wednesday and it’s around 1.30am by now and I don’t think they come at this time. Then we chatted about going to the park. Then we go back to the milk thing.

“I WANT MILK, I NOT WANT WATER”  This repeats for about 20 minutes
“WANT WATER” – I nearly fall over at the shock that perhaps he’s serious and he wants water, give him water, he conks out and I go back to sleep.

It was a hard week. I’m not going to lie but it has led to him sleeping through the night now and after a full 6 nights of sleeping through I feel confident that it’s dealt with. Thank the Lord!

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  1. Yay!!! Go you! I was in your camp the whole time - I knew you could do it. It's bloody hard work though!

  2. Two year olds can be very stroppy can't they?

    I love Isla's comment on the bus, Z is a bit like that, although tends to ask why people are fat, or 'Why does that lady have one white tooth" *cringe

  3. Well done for sticking to it - I've never had the will power - really enjoyed reading this

  4. Really enjoyed reading this....Hope Noah continues to sleep through...