Monday, 8 July 2013

MoneySupermarket's Big Night In

Yesterday was a special day for me and OH, it was our 6 year wedding anniversary and we went out to celebrate. We went out in the daytime though for lunch as this was easier to organise babysitting for and that point very much illustrates how nowadays we struggle to get out as a couple and so instead we try to have a good night in, rather than a good night out! We wanted to carry on the wedding anniversary vibe and so we used £50 that MoneySupermarket recently gave us to have “A Big Night In” to do something very different to the last time and instead of getting dolled up to stay in and have cocktails we decided to have a leisurely, relaxing night in. This was much deserved after a bad night with Noah, a trip to London for lunch, back to run around with the kids for a couple of hours in the garden whilst keeping an eye on the Wimbledon tennis final and then a crazy bedtime where the kids were too hot and wouldn’t settle to sleep for over an hour. Just as the hysterical laughter from upstairs started to wain we visibly unwound.

We slobbed out in in new pyjamas!

ACTUAL Fresh pizza making! (it was hot, by way of explanation of topless OH!)

Made homemade fresh pizzas (the kids helped with making the dough for these!), which we'd never done before and was fun, messy, took longer to make than we thought they would (we were waiting on the yeast to prove) but were totally delicious.

Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza

And watched a chick-flick - just proving what a wonderful husband he is by letting me watch my choice of film! We had homemade popcorn and a cheeky rum and Coke.

It was a tech free zone, there were no social media interruptions, OH wasn’t watching the golf on the iPad whilst also watching TV. We were absorbed in the film and in each other. It was a really relaxed, chilled evening, one that we deserved after a fun, hot and tiring weekend.

Thanks MoneySupermarket for giving us the £50 budget to blow on whatever we wanted!

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