Saturday, 13 July 2013

Two Today!

Turning two. It's quite a milestone 2 years old. It's the cut off point of being a baby. He's well and truly a toddler now and don't we know it. The mood swings. Oh he can be the cutest, funniest little bloke around but other times he is the most frustrated, angry monster. He is a total Mummy's boy and he's never satisfied unless he is hanging off my leg. This behaviour has alerted the Daddy's girl in our house to my existence and so I now have them both competing for my undivided attention. I am flattered but it is exhausting too. He talks non stop. Giving his little orders and instructions and coming out with some really funny remarks. He's stringing 6 or 7 words together and tries so hard to be understood. He even knows we take the mickey out of him for his ridiculous use of the phrase "never, ever, ANYMORE"! 

He's currently in the grip of a LighteningMcQueen  obsession. He has two Cars T-shirts that he would live in 24/7! He also loves the Dustbin lorry, and watches it out the window every Monday morning and waves to all the bin men. 

There is so much more to find out about this boy and I look forward to watching him grow and hopefully the tantrums lessoning as the year goes on. Love you Noah. Happy birthday! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Noah! I can't believe it is more then two years since CyberMummy!