Thursday, 11 July 2013

We Pay a Visit to Mayfield Lavender

At the weekend we paid a visit to Mayfield Lavender, which is a wonderful Lavender Field near to us in Surrey. It’s an amazing sight as you drive along the road and suddenly your eyes are accosted by pure purpleness! It’s beautiful.

There was a weekend ‘Lavender Festival’ where the shop was full to bursting with gorgeous Lavender products, there were lavender massages, face painting and a delicious BBQ on the go. We last went to the field just over 3 years ago when Isla was 1 years old and we have this photo of the three of us that I love. 

Us in 2010
So this time we went as a family of 4 and got a few shots. The field is really popular with Chinese people it seems, and they were very keen to have a photo with Noah! They seemed really taken with him and he loved their attentions – such a little flirt.

We had a little wander around the lavender, which smelt gorgeous, then we took advantage of the BBQ and had a few sausages and burgers between us. The kids both wanted a bundle of lavender each, they were £3.50, so we have some to dry out now. We also bumped into Maria and her family from Tiger Tales and I'm gutted that we didn't get a photo together! As is the way with Isla we couldn’t get away without a bit of face-painting. All in all it was a lovely way to spend a sunny couple of hours.

Entry to the field is free but I dare you to come away without buying something lovely from the little shop there.

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  1. This has been the week to visit the Lavender fields. This is the third fabulous post from there on Country Kids this week. It looks so beautiful and I can just imagine the wonderful smell too. Your photos are quite stunning, thank you for lining up and sharing.

  2. You got some great shots. I can't believe we missed the face painting that was the reason we went back on the Sunday but it was too early then. I have to say you son has grown so much, and he's adorable, easy to see why anyone would love to have a pic with him.

  3. ooooh adding this to my list of places to go over summer. x

  4. We have a lavender farm near us. I love it. This time of year, I try to find a reason to go there every other week. It helps that they serve wonderful food too.