Compare the Market Launch #AgentMaiya

Friday, 23 August 2013
On Wednesday night I was very lucky to be invited to the launch of the new Compare the Market advertising campaign, unveiling female meerkat Maiya's secret spy past. Maiya is more than a schoolteacher, she is a kick ass Meerkat Intellligence Agency operative! The event was held in conjunction with Future Cinema, the experts in immersive cinema experiences at The Troxy in East London. What an amazing venue, with sweeping staircases and plush furnishings, it did feel like a step back in time to the 1930’s once inside. We were told to be ‘Dressed to Kill’ which made a change from a usual Wednesday night doing bath and bedtime routine!

Our ‘undercover spy’ experience started outside the venue when on arrival we were whisked away to the back doors of the Troxy and myself and my guest were split up and quizzed separately as to how we knew the Ambassador?! I thought on my feet and said I’d met him at a dinner party – I had no idea what I was getting myself into! We were fitted with our wristband for the night and told that it was a tracking device to keep us safe at all times, as there could be undesirables in attendance! This got us really in the mood for the evening, and made us feel part of the experience (to the point that we were suspicious of anyone that spoke to us!). We were taken through the dark corridors of the venue where there were spies all around us and then came through a curtain to see our beautiful venue for the evening:

We were entertained by a 3 piece band while we had drinks and a delicious Austrian meal of pork loin (amazing crackling!), dumplings and sauerkraut.  The ‘Ambassador’ came on stage and announced his wife would be up next singing for our entertainment. We took the opportunity to go and have a look at the new Agent Maiya toy and we came across a spy’s office where we *had* to have a photo opportunity!

Elizabeth Hurley was the celebrity host for the evening (a great choice given her spy background in Austin Powers!) and she came on stage and introduced Agent Maiya who addressed everyone by video link and told us all of her secret spy past. It was very engaging and the new advert was screened, followed by the screening of Mission Impossible. Throughout the film there were live re-enactments of key scenes, my guest managed to get herself right in the middle of the first one on her way for a cigarette, which made me laugh. “I’m just off for a cigarette while nothing is happening”, next she’s staring down the barrel of a gun and getting shoved out the way while the impostors were dealt with, hahahahahaha

Here is the advert just in case you haven't seen it aired yet - I really think these meerkats' deserve to hit the big screen soon!

We had such a great evening and I’m sure that Agent Maiya is going to be huge hit with audiences. And as far as immersive cinema goes I am desperate to go and experience another one very soon, Dirty Dancing is coming up next.....

I was given two VIP passes to this event, allowing us a fantastic evening of entertainment, free drinks and food. All view expressed are my own


  1. schmindie said...:

    That looks like a brilliant evening - I've never been a fan of those ads but this sounds quite fun! I love the way they've got everyone involved too, especially your mate - haha! x

  1. Sounds like a fun night! :D

  1. That is hilarious, it sounds like a fantastic evening and great that you were involved right from the start! :)

  1. Haha, excellent! Sounds like great fun :)

  1. Mummy Barrow said...:

    This sounded amazing and I nearly cancelled our holiday so I could go along too :-)

    Sounds like it was a lot of fun

  1. Liz Burton said...:

    What an amazing experience. You're so lucky, and you look hawt!

  1. Emma said...:

    Sounds amazing, I'm so glad you had a good night x

  1. Pinkoddy said...:

    That looks such an amazing night out and I just love the meerkats.

  1. Wow, looks like a great night! You look so glamorous in the pic. Looks like James Bond could just pop in ;)

  1. Sounds a great event :) x

  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! I think it would be fun to be a spy for the evening!

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