Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Family Day Out Groombridge Place Gardens and Enchanted Forest

This weekend we paid a visit to Groombridge Place in Kent with some good friends of ours and their kids. We had such a great day hence why I had to blog it. It’s about a 45 minute drive from us, so really not that far and we paid for our entry using Little Bird vouchers, which gave us 50% off entry, making it even better value at about £4 a ticket.

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There was so much to do, and this week it was ‘Water activity Week’ where there were water fights, water zorbing, puppet theatre, bungee run and party games, as well as all the attractions and fun that’s there regularly like the birds of prey display and the enchanted forest with all the kids activities to discover in there.

When we arrived the kids did a bit of tearing about and exploring of their own. 

Then we came across the water zorbing pool. I really didn’t expect Isla to be brave enough to get in the inflatable ball let alone roll around in the pool in it. But she did and she had fun until she wanted to get out but no one had heard her and there were a few tears. Whoops!

Then we sat and had a picnic on the many picnic benches provided for visitors really handily situated next to the Puppet Theatre that was set up in the garden with hay bales for seating and pretty bunting all the way round. Once the kids had finished their lunch they sat entranced by the puppet show and then met the sock puppets afterwards. They were fully participating and shouting out. Brilliant!

We moved on through the grounds and then came across the bungee run, which for a bit while there wasn’t anyone on it, they had a bounce around and then had a go doing the bungee run but they didn’t totally understand the aim!

Once you move on from there it’s onto the enchanted forest which is absolutely brilliant. It can be reached by foot or by boat, we walked – next time we’ll take the boat, to do something different and save little and adult legs!! The first area you come across is Crusoe’s World. There are props from the TV show Crusoe reconstructed in this area. There are two treehouses linked together with rope bridges and also a couple of boats to climb in and play on!

Next we found some swings and the kids had a good session on those and there were some rabbits and goats in that area too.

Along the river there was a bridge where you could buy some fish food from a little machine for 20p a handful and feed the very greedy fish – they had huge mouths – they seemed so greedy that if they could have grown legs and walked up the bank, they would have done!

We ended our walk through the Enchanted Forest there as we wanted to get back for the Birds of Prey display, however we missed a lot and we will go back another day to see everything we missed including Romany Caravans, Teepees and Totem Poles!

On the way to see the Birds of Prey we saw a group of deer. There is something magical about deer I think. They were there in the distance, but they never feel permanent, they always look like they could run off at any moment. Anyway on to the Birds of Prey. There isn’t a lot I can tell you about them as while I was watching them I had to keep getting up to ask Isla to stop trying to get in the display field and persuade Noah that he needed to hide his rabbit away in case the Bald Eagle though it was a rabbit corpse and flew off with it! We did get a good look at the birds though and by far my favourite was the Barn Owl. They are just so beautiful and graceful. There’s no doubt that the Bald Eagle is majestic but it’s not so pretty! Isla was pretty taken by this part of our day and took some of her own photos on my phone. They didn’t come out too badly, and one v short blink and you’ll miss it video!

birds of prey, Groombridge Place, Barn Owl, Bald eagle

Once we’d seen the bird display, we caught the end of the puppet show again (it was on twice during the day) and then went home, exhausted but really happy after a lovely day out with friends. 
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  1. What a fantastic full day of fun and activities in such beautiful grounds. The children must have had a brilliant time and slept very well that night! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Awesome! Looks like a fab place to visit. I'm sure Angelo would love it there. Looks like Kent is where's it at these days, when it comes to outdoor fun for kids near to London.

  3. ooooh that looks great. Z would love to try Zorbing!

  4. Loads to do there and even at full price really reasonable! I must admit when I took the kids to an English Heritage place a few weeks back I thought they'd be bored with it being mainly gardens but it's suprising how much time they spent running and exploring. There,s loads more to do at Groombridge Place though so a really jammed packed day out.
    Now I need to find me a zorbing ball ;)

  5. Wow! why have I never been here before! This place looks amazing! Do think I'm too grown up to have a go at water zorbing?

  6. Wow, that looks like a fab day out!
    My eldest daughter loves water zorbing too!
    We may have to explore ...