Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sponsored Video - Cuticura

When I was a little girl I spent quite a lot of my time upside down on my hands or twirling round the garden doing cartwheels. I couldn't think of anything more strenuous to do now! I now see Isla trying to do the same thing, at the moment, it's confined to going upside down on the sofa balancing on her head but soon enough she'll be bouncing across the garden on her hands like I used to do. Me and my friends used to play a game whereby once our legs were in the air the others would shout out an action and you had to do it with your legs, so they'd shout "scissors" and you'd have to do a scissor action with airborne legs, or "jelly" and you'd have to wobble them around. Doing this meant you had to stay upside down long enough to complete the task. I loved those days. There is something very carefree about handstands, for me they are definitely something that remind me of childhood and summer holidays. 

Now the couple in this video must have some super strong core muscles - they go on a date - walking on their hands the entire time. I mean it took all my strength when i was 10 to stay up for 5 seconds! Walking down a flight of stairs like these guys do takes serious training. As they walk round Brighton on their hands it struck me how many germs their hands must be coming in to contact with and that's where Cuticura comes in. Apparently one pump and your hands are protected for 8 hours, what a great way to keep your family's hands safe from germs all day, particularly when you may not be able to wash them with soap and water as frequently as you'd like.

Obviously we don't all walk around on our hands, but our hands are constantly coming into contact with bacteria and germs and as a family there are many situations where we're out for the day and hand washing isn't possible. We're planning some camping trips for next summer, Camp Bestival here we come, and I think it would be a good idea to keep Cuticura in our daypack when we're at the festival to protect against the nasties as festivals aren't particularly sanitary places! We also go on plenty of National Trust days out, another situation where there are no wash rooms in a woodland. 

It's alcohol free so totally kind to skin - a very important thing when using it on little hands that are constantly exploring. One bottle contains 100 squirts, so that'll cover a multitude of situations. If you want to find out more about Cuticura check out their website or facebook page

This post has been sponsored by Cuticura but all words are my own.

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