Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sponsored Video - The Importance of Toilets #mumsfortoilets

We're on the toilet training journey again. I don't know if it's my memory failing me or if Isla really was as brilliant at getting the hang of dropping her drawers and having a wee or a poo. But things are a bit more of a slow burner with Noah and he definitely likes performing for his nursery key workers rather than us. He came home from nursery today with a T-shirt covered in stickers for using the potty - the reason being that we'd forgotten to take pull ups for him, so they put him in pants. 'Hey Presto', he's used the toilet all day without one single accident. 

Rewind 3 days to when we tried to do the same thing. Pants go on just after he's sat on the potty and squeezed out 2 tiny drops of wee. Tiny insignificant amounts. Really looked like he was trying too. Three minutes later and we have puddles rivers oceans all over the floor. Oh dear. I clean it up and decide that I won't put pants on now, I'll just leave him for a bit without them on and he'll go and use the potty. I'm not joking, another 5 minutes go by and we have another lake. I mean he hadn't even had loads to drink. He'd already done a wee to rival that of a baby elephant and yet he goes again! 

I decide enough is enough, and go to put on his pull up. But no he doesn't want it on. "I want to use potty Mummy". "But you're not using it Noah!". We wrestle with each other. Me getting one leg in a pull up, I just get the other one in, and he gets the first out. This goes on for a while until I WIN! I distract him and then he forgets the whole thing and I carry on disinfecting the floor. This is life right now for us. It's quite a different story for others, with fewer laughs and much more serious implications.

Some 2.5 billion people (37% of the global population) live without access to safe toilets. 2000 children a day die from Diarrhoea. That's a staggering figure to me. A situation that could be prevented by improved sanitation. Domestos and the Unilever foundation have partnered with UNICEF to improve access to sanitation by UNICEF's Community Approaches to Total Sanitation Programme. CATS is a programme to highlight the need for improvements in basic hygiene and raise awareness of the sanitation crisis so to stop the transmission of disease.

Check out this cute video of children passing on information to each other about the Domestos/ UNICEF programme. It shows how Chinese whispers work to a tee but you'll get the message!

Look for the specially marked Domestos bottles in the supermarket to help Unilever meet it's goal of helping 1 billion people take action to improve their health and sanitation. The CATS programme is in action in 50 countries worldwide, from Indonesia to India, to Ghana to Brazil, helping children to enjoy better lives.

Look here for more details of the campaign.

This post has been sponsored by Domestos, but all thoughts are our own


  1. Ha! And I had twins to potty train. Takes me back to when we were trying and it was exactly as you've described above. Until Daddy and I decided that we'd shout out loudly, I need a wee/pooh and off we'd all trot to the loo to watch and wait. It worked , the girls got the hang of it in a couple of days and although we had the occasional accident on the whole they were dry in a fortnight, at night too!

    Best of luck

  2. We are entering the realms of potty training again and it was a nightmare last time so I am not looking forward to it. I think having Domestos around to clean up accidents in the bathroom is definitely a plan and great to know we are helping in a small way with the CATS programme too x

  3. Thanks for highlighting this. I'll make sure I pick up Domestos in the supermarket while this campaign is on x

  4. I'll definitely buy Domestos next time I go shopping. We are so lucky aren't we?