Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Starting School. It's Emotional.

How did we get to this point so quickly? One minute she was like this:

The next like this:

I'm going to admit to not being a big fan of the baby stage but 12 months onwards is the best in my view! Isla didn't suffer too much from the terrible two's. We had a peak in bad behaviour about 2 months after Noah was born and after that there were some random outbursts but nothing regular. She's always been talkative and happy and social and I hope that these qualities will stand her in good stead for starting school tomorrow. Aargh school!! We've got the uniform, we've bought the shoes, she's been in to school for 1 hour with me by her side and now tomorrow she goes it alone. I feel scared and excited.

I'm excited about this new chapter but I also feel sad about my little girl getting bigger. Sometimes I say to her "I want you to stay little" and very adamantly she says "NO! I WANT TO BE BIGGER!". How ironic that lately I've been thinking myself how I'd love to turn back the hands of time. It's human nature to always want to be one step ahead, always wanting to be older, so you can be tall enough for rides at theme parks, old enough to see a 15 film, drive and drink. It's a shame as younger people we can't know that we should enjoy what's happening at the time.

I'm scared about the outside world having more influence on my baby. She has been at nursery since she was 9 months old for 2 days a week so she hasn't exactly been sheltered but we have been the ones predominantly responsible for her well being and education up till this point. I worry about whether she's emotionally mature enough for school. She'll be one of the younger ones in the year and that makes me want to protect her. 

I remember my school days at infant school to be very happy and carefree and I hope that Isla experiences the same as I did. Learning will be a new journey and one that I hope she enjoys and excels at in her own way. My heart kind of aches and tears well up when I think about it all too much and I know that tomorrow I won't be able to think straight. But I hope she comes home having enjoyed it and wanting to go back. 

Good luck my gorgeous girl. We love you so much!


  1. I am sure she will love it and will come home fall of stories. Don't forget your tissues though Sharon, I have a feeling you're going to need them xx

  2. Good luck with the first day at school. Hope she will love it. They grow up so fast. I still remember when Isabelle started...and she is in year two.

  3. oh goodness i know how you feel and was nodding my head through most of this . it was so hard taking B to school MOnday - i dont want to lose him and what we have had in our bubble for the last 4 years. i know we have to let them go and growing up is inevitable but i wish i could turn back the last couple of years and slow them down.
    i hope today was ok, i found that the second day was easier. i hope it is for you x x x

  4. thanks Ladies! Isla has been a real star this week, she seems to like school and it was just me that was fearful! She's such a grown up girl now :)